Father's Day Special Blog


In honor of Father’s Day being just around the corner, we’d like to reflect on some of the most admirable men in our lives and their ceiling fan choices. Just as telling as clothing style, a man’s ceiling fan preference provides insight into their likes, hobbies, and personality. Keep reading to find out what your dad’s ceiling fan reveals about him!


If your dad still has a classic pull-chain fan in 2022, you know he’s a traditional dad. He’s most likely very punctual and never misses a parent-teacher meeting. He cannot be bothered to sugarcoat the truth and he always means business. Your dad enforces curfews, rules, and manners and has a no-tolerance policy towards shenanigans.

To traditional dads, plain, simple, and effective performance is all that matters. Smafan does simple and effective best and offers traditional ceiling fans with lights, like the Alrich 52” Ceiling Fan and the Alexandria 52” Outdoor Ceiling Fan, which offer cutting-edge motor technology, practical lighting, and classic control options.


Dads with outdoor ceiling fans love spending time with their families. They enjoy hosting spontaneous gatherings, and you can often find them grilling in the backyard on summer evenings. These dads never miss their kids’ sporting events, and you can count on them being the loudest supporters on the sidelines.  

For these active dads, durability and speed is a priority. Smafan’s best outdoor ceiling fans, like the Essex 52” Smart Ceiling Fan and the Voyager 52” Wi-Fi Ceiling Fan, are damp-rated and equipped with powerful 10-speed motors and ultra-quiet blades to deliver rapid cooling in covered outdoor environments like a porch or a patio.


If your dad has an energy-efficient fan, he’s most likely the family budget holder. Not only does he care for the environment, but he also knows better than to spend hard-earned money frivolously. Your dad probably has an aptitude for math that he uses to calculate the electric bill savings that result from energy-efficient appliances.  

For these commendable dads, Smafan has Energy-Star Rated smart ceilings fans, like the Icebreaker 60” Smart Ceiling Fan, and energy-efficient fans, like the Striver 52” Outdoor Ceiling Fan, that are equipped with advanced DC motors to deliver a cooling breeze with up to 75% increased energy efficiency.


Dads who choose gold and black fans for their homes have a knack for modern interior design. They stay up to date on the latest clothing trends and will always dress to impress. These are likely the dads that you could count on for help with art projects and rides to music lessons after school.

To trendy dads, the design of the ceiling fan is just as important as the fan’s functional features. Smafan carefully curates modern ceiling fans with luxurious exteriors like the Apex 52” Wi-Fi Ceiling Fan and Trailblazer 52” Outdoor Ceiling Fan to harmonize perfectly with your dad’s impeccable style.


Dads who purchase smart and remote-control ceiling fans are tech-savvy and ahead of the curve. They’ve most likely amassed an impressive collection of tech gadgets to streamline their busy routines. Patient, daring, and well-informed, these are the dads who are willing to stand in line with you for hours to make sure you have the latest in smartphone technology.  

These dads value the convenience that comes from using smart features over anything else. For these trendsetter dads, Smafan offers Wi-Fi fans, like the Striker 52” Smart Ceiling Fan and the Exton 52” Smart Ceiling Fan, that come equipped with state-of-the-art smart technology and powerful performance to add convenience to any dad’s busy schedule.

We’ve got you covered this Father’s Day 2022 with the ideal fan and impressive savings for the most important men in your life. Whether you have a traditional dad or a trendy dad, at Smafan, we applaud and appreciate them all. Now that you’ve pieced together your dad’s taste in ceiling fans, share this with them to see if they agree!