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Why and How You Should Run Your Smart Ceiling Fan in Winter

Are you looking for a cost-effective way to warm your home in winter?

Heating bills can be expensive and winters are becoming colder each year. A solution to both of these problems is to use your ceiling fan in winter.

Ceiling fans are much more energy-efficient than heaters. This means they are cheaper to run and friendlier to the environment.

Not only that, but they are actually very effective at keeping your home warm. However, there’s a good chance you don’t know why that is. So let us explain it to you!

Why You Should Use Your Ceiling Fan in Winter

In order to know why you should use your fan in winter, you need to know something about how a fan works.

Normally, fan rotation will push air downwards. The breeze that it creates works to take heat away from the surface of your body.

It’s important to remember that a fan doesn’t actually change the temperature of the air. It just moves it around.

However, one thing that does constantly change the temperature of the air around it is the human body. Humans constantly expend energy which produces heat. So, if one or more people are in a room, the room temperature will increase.

The problem is that hot air always rises. In winter, this is a bad thing because it means that the coldest air in the room is always at the bottom, all around you.

A ceiling fan can work to take cold air from the lower part of a room and push it against the warm air at the top. This will make the hot air move sideways and flow down the walls of the room.

How to Use Your Fan in Winter

You should have a ceiling fan setting for winter. Smafan allows you to control the direction of fan blades in the palm of your hand. Smafan wifi compatible ceiling fan features a handheld remote which gives you the ultimate convenience to control the fan instead of climbing on the ladder to reach the reversing switch on the traditional ceiling fan. This will reverse the direction in which the fan blades rotate. Now, the fan will take up cold air and push the hot air down into the room.

If you are wondering how to change your ceiling fan direction without a switch, this is also possible. If you don’t have a specific ceiling fan for winter (with a reverse function), you can simply reverse the blades yourself.

To do this, just get on a chair, pull each blade out, and reinsert it into the dock facing the other way.

Stay Warm Efficiently

We always have to keep two things in balance in winter: keeping ourselves and our family warm, while also keeping the bills as low as possible.

There are a number of different positives to using a ceiling fan in winter. Not only will you be able to keep your family warm, but you will also be able to do so at a really low cost while being kind to the environment.

To help you find other ways to stay warm (or cool) in your home with maximum energy efficiency, check out more of our great articles!

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