About Us

In a world where technology advances further and further into every aspect of everyday life, whether it be through our phones, watches, lighting, or heating and cooling… it is becoming less of a luxury and more of an essential to our ever-evolving lifestyles revolving around smart technology. Alongside convenience, smart products can even conserve energy and lower the costs of electricity when implemented in our homes. If you are looking for products to enhance your home for a smarter lifestyle, then you have come to the right place!

Ceiling Fan

We introduce to you the SmåFan an award-winning smart technology-oriented company that offers a variety of innovative products necessary for experiencing a Smart Home. All our smart ceiling fans are ETL and UL certified. Our energy efficient products hold high Energy Star ratings and Energy Star certified. The available SmåFan products include multifunction ceiling fans with LED lighting, elegant lighting varieties such as pendants, table lamps compatible with our patented Smart Switch, and many more accessories to create a comfortable, functioning home for your Smart Life.


SmåFan ceiling fans are our main product as they are the centerpiece of any well-designed living space. Combine functionality with smart technology and feel the security of controlling your home’s overall essence like no other way before. You can control a SmåFan from a traditional remote, or sync up with multiple smart devices like Alexa, Siri Shortcut, Google Home, or directly from the proprietary, Carrohome App. This convenient feature allows you to even control the SmåFan from away from home. Not to mention the blades are specialty coated for anti-dust and anti-static which results in cleaner blades, longer!

We believe that a smart fan by SmåFan in your home can bring life enriching benefits for a happier, smarter life. A Smart Life Stays in Motion.