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Various types of embroidery art for your choice, it's sure to add beauty and charm to your home space. Just be sure to select pieces that resonate with your personal style and enhance the overall aesthetic of your living environment.
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Is the embroidery artwork included frame?

Yes, all artworks are framed.

Does embroidery count as art?

Embroidery can be used as an artistic medium in its own right and to embellish items of beauty and practical use.

Is your embroidery done by machine?

Embroidered artwork combines hand embroidery and mechanical textile embroidery. Hand embroidery include: back stitch, knotted stitch and satin stitch.

What are some examples of embroidery art suitable for placement on a coffee table?

Miniature Embroidery Hoop Art: These small, intricately designed pieces often feature delicate floral designs, cute animals, or geometric patterns.