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Turn your existing AC motor ceiling fan with this 4 gang smart wall switch to complete smart home integration. With our Smafan Carro wall switches, you can enjoy advanced smart features and...

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Is the smart switch easy to install?

You can follow the manual or video instructions to install it easily. Be careful, you still need to ensure that you have the wires required, even if you had installed a wall switch. If you met any issues with installation, please chat with us online, call us at 909-503-9060, or contact us at cs@smafan.com. we will be happy to resolve the issue immediately.

How many wires are required to connect the switch?

The smart switch needs 5 wires to connect. Neutral Wire, Live Wire, Ground Wire, and separate Load Wire for fan and light. Please confirm that the wiring in your home is compatible before purchasing. If you need any help with the wires, please chat with us online, call us at 909-503-9060, or contact us at cs@smafan.com for further assistance.

What is the smart switch? What is the function of it?

Our smart wall switch can offer you integrated intelligent control for your ceiling fan. With the help of the smart switch, you can easily change your normal fan into a smart fan, which can adjust the speed of the fan, turn on/off the light, and dim the light for some specific model.

Does Smafan Wall Control work with all ceiling fans?

Smafan Wall Control is designed to work with AC ceiling fans, so it may not be compatible with all types of fans.

Smafan Carro Smart Wall Control Collection

What Are Smart Wall Switches?

Smart wall switches are modern ceiling fan switches compatible with AC motor fans and designed with elegant push buttons to give you access to your classic fan settings and more! Choosing our AC ceiling fan Smart switches, Pioneer and Lotus, gives you the comfort and convenience of a smart fan without the need to replace your entire AC ceiling fan. It is important to note that wall switches are not compatible with DC remote control smart ceiling fans.

What Are The Benefits of a Smart Wall Switch?

Smart light switches for ceiling fans have many benefits to help you create a more effortless routine.

  • Smart Home Integration: Smart wall switches are compatible with your existing Smart devices, including Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri Shortcuts for access to your fan settings using voice control or Smart app control.
  • Full-Range Light Dimming: Whereas with a standard wall switch you can only turn the light on or off, a Smart wall switch lets you dim the lights to help you create the ideal ambiance for any activity.
  • Precise Speed Control: Easily switch between your three fan speed settings using a simple push button instead of having to pull on chains.
  • Scheduling & Timer Features: A Smart ceiling fan wall switch lets you set it and forget it! Set a schedule to have your fan turn on or a timer to have your fan turn off automatically at precise times.
  • Advanced Pre-Set Functions: Access convenient pre-set functions like Sleep Breeze and Night Light modes for the perfect and most relaxing environment each time.
  • Switch Gang Connection: Using our switch in 2-gang, 3-gang, or 4-gang to control the fans and lighting from multiple locations, providing greater convenience and flexibility.

How Can I Upgrade My Fan?

If you are ready to commit to Smart Cooling, you can make the switch to Smafan's premium smart ceiling fans. Our Smart fan collections have these convenient features built in so you can experience the best version of your home. When you purchase a Smafan Smart fan, you gain access to more than 3 fan speed settings, reversible airflow directions, three color temperatures, dimmable LED lighting, and up to 75% increased energy efficiency. Our Smart fans are also durable and long-lasting, with over 50,000 hours of lighting, making it an investment for years to come.

Smafan Offer A Full Range of Smart Fans with/ without Lights

Whether you need cooling and lighting or simply cooling, Carro fans are the best option. Explore models without lights for powerful cooling that will blend into your existing lighting or models with both cooling and LED light kits for added convenience and comfort. Our fans feature the latest in design and technology for unmatched performance.

Smafan Offer Wifi Fans in Various Style

No matter your home style and preference, we have a Carro Smart fan for you! From transparent acrylic blades perfect for modern spaces to crystal lampshades ideal for traditional decor with a luxurious twist, all our fans are made with the same premium materials for reliable cooling and lighting. We also have fans with more versatile exteriors that can be used in various space styles, ranging from industrial to nautical interior design.