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Step into the world of intelligent comfort with our Smart Ceiling Fan collection. Seamlessly sync your fan with Alexa and Google Assistant smart devices, granting you effortless control within your smart home...

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How do I pair my Smafan Carro Wi-Fi ceiling fan with the iOS or Android app?

To pair your ceiling fan with the iOS or Android app, download the Carro Home app from the App Store or Google Play Store, select the 'Add Device' option, and follow the prompts to connect the fan to your Wi-Fi network. More detail

What is the network compatibility for my smart fan?

Our smart fans are typically compatible with standard 2.4 GHz home Wi-Fi networks. They did not support 5 GHz networks or certain mesh network configurations.

Why is Alexa not responding after I renamed my device?

If Alexa is not responding after you've renamed your device, it's important to ensure that the name change has been updated across all relevant platforms.

  • First, rename your device in the Carro Home app, which is the app associated with your smart fan.
  • After renaming the device there, open your Alexa app and update your device list to reflect the change.
  • Additionally, check your network connection to make sure your device is online.

If the issue persists, try disabling and then re-enabling the fan's skill in the Alexa app. This can help reset the connection between your device and Alexa.

I asked Alexa to "Turn on my ceiling fan" but she responded that I have more than one device with that name.

To resolve this, rename your devices with unique names in the Carro Home app and update the device list in the Alexa app to avoid confusion when you give voice commands.

Can I schedule my smart ceiling fan to turn on or off at specific times?

Yes, if your smart fan supports scheduling, you can set up specific times for it to turn on or off within the app.

Can I control my smart ceiling fan with voice commands without using Alexa?

Our smart fans are compatible with voice-controlled assistants like Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, or Siri.

How do I reset my smart ceiling fan to factory settings?

To reset your fan to factory settings, you'll typically need to turn off the fan at the wall switch, wait for a minute, and then turn it back on. For specific instructions, refer to your fan's manual.

What should I do if my smart fan loses its Wi-Fi connection frequently?

Ensure your Wi-Fi network is stable and that the fan is within range. If the issue persists, consider resetting the fan or consulting the manufacturer for support.

Smafan Smart Ceiling Fan

Smafan ceiling fans are designed to be durable, energy-efficient, and stylish. Like any homeowner, we know that the perfect ceiling fan can make a room feel complete. That is why we offer a wide range of styles, perfect for any home décor trend, including traditional, industrial, and farmhouse. Select from both indoor and outdoor models for optimal performance in any space in your home!

Modernize Your Space with Smafan

Do you want to make your living room, bedroom, or office more stylish and functional? Our ceiling fans are the perfect solution. Great for complementing a modern interior, we have several sleek and sophisticated models with smooth finishes and light wood blades. If you're looking for something a little more luxurious we have various crystal fan options with ornate lampshades and elegant dark wood finishes. Without a doubt, you will find a fan that pairs perfectly with your personality and space. Visit some installation tips from us.

Create A Warm/ Bright Atmosphere with Dimmable Light

Ceiling fans help you create a comfortable environment all year, even during winter! In Winter Mode, ceiling fans blend the warm air that collects at the top of the room with the rest of the air to warm cold spaces. Equipped with advanced LED dimmable light, you can also adjust the color temperature and brightness to create a relaxing and warm winter evening ambiance. To find the perfect fan for year-round comfort, shop our Smafan ceiling fan with lights

Control Your Ceiling Fan From Anywhere

Smafan’s smart fans integrate seamlessly with your existing devices to complete your smart home automation. Enjoy advanced control options from anywhere when linked to smart home devices like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri Shortcuts, or your smartphone. With an Alexa compatible ceiling fan, you can adjust the speed, direction, and lighting of your fan with just a few simple commands. To stay cool without lifting a finger, shop our Smafan smart ceiling fan collection

Choose the Right Size

At Smafan, we know how important it is to choose the proper ceiling fan size for ultimate comfort. We carry a wide range of ceiling fan sizes, from 36 to 60 inches, to perfectly fit a small bedroom or a vast living room. For more details on selecting the right-sized ceiling fan, refer to our visit how to choose ceiling fan.

Keep Your Outdoor Area Cool

Are you looking to add style, brightness, and cooling to your covered patio or porch? An outdoor ceiling fan is a perfect addition! Smafan’s best damp-rated outdoor ceiling fan is designed with an advanced motor and lighting kit, so you can enjoy a cooling breeze and the perfect ambiance outside. To experience comfort without sacrificing style, explore our sleek and style outdoor ceiling fan collection.