Warranty Policy

SmåFan Warranty Policy

SmåFan grants this limited warranty to the original purchaser of smafan ceiling fan for the original installation location. This document can be found online at www.SmaFan.com.

How Can Warranty Service Be Obtained?

Proof of purchase is required when requesting warranty service. The original purchaser must present a sales receipt or other document that establishes proof of purchase. smafan, at its sole discretion, may accept a gift receipt. To obtain service, contact SmåFan online or by phone. Email: cs@smafan.com | Tel: 909 503 9060

What Does This Warranty Cover?

Motor – Three-Year Limited Warranty
   • If any part of your ceiling fan motor fails within the first year due to a manufacturing defect as determined solely by SmåFan, we will provide you the replacement parts free of cost. After the first year of purchase, we will provide you two-year motor warranty service.

LED Kit – Five-Year Limited Warranty
   • If your LED light kit (not including the cover) fails at any time within five years of the date of purchase due to manufacturing defects as determined solely by SmåFan.com, we will provide a replacement free of charge. The five-year limited warranty applies only to the LED kit itself and does not apply to other components such as the remote control, AC adapter, and PCB. Other components are included in the three-year warranty below.

Other – Three-Year Limited Warranty
   • Except as otherwise indicated throughout this warranty, if any part of your SmåFan Smart Ceiling Fan fails at any time within three years of the date of purchase due to a manufacturing defect, as determined solely by SmåFan, we will provide a replacement part free of charge.

Please note that replacement parts are free of charge for orders placed in the contiguous United States. Other regions and overseas states are responsible for shipping costs.

What Does This Warranty NOT Cover?
   • Labor Excluded. This warranty does not cover any costs or fees associated with the labor (including electrician’s fees) required to install, remove, or replace a fan of any fan parts.
   • The Warranty does not cover remote control batteries. Fans installed outside the United States owned by someone other than the original purchase are excluded from the warranty coverage. The warranty will be invalid if the customer fails to establish the proof of purchase. Fans purchased from an unauthorized dealer. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear. The warranty also does not cover cosmetic damages. If the fans get damaged due to improper installation, misuse, improper care, modifications to the fan, improper or incorrectly performed maintenance or repair, improper voltage supply or power surge, use of improper parts or accessories, failure to provide maintenance to the fan, or natural disasters (e.g. flood) the warranty will not cover it. The warranty does not cover any accidental damages.   
   • Warranty only covers product defects - any misuse or accidental damage by users is not covered.
   • Warranty is applied only to the original purchase and extended to the original purchase date. Any replacements will be considered as a part of the original purchase.