Smafan CARRO Ceiling Fan with Remote Control

Styles You Love, Features You NEED

While the appearance of your ceiling fan is significant, the right features can transform your home from a space you like into a place you love. Smafan's remote-control ceiling fans have the perfect cooling, lighting, and Smart features to create a home environment that will suit your needs. Equipped with whisper-quiet motors, our fans are designed to deliver unrivaled CFMs and high air speeds in the most silent of environments; set the fan to Speed-1 for a gentle breeze or Speed-10 for a strong cooling wind. Our modern LED light kits offer advanced lighting options so you can configure the perfect ambiance for any activity; select from Warm, Natural, and Cool color temperatures, and dim the lighting from 100% to 1%. You can also select from pre-set Nature or Sleep modes for airflow that mimics natural air and will soothe you to sleep. 

Practical Control, Endless Options 

Smafan's remote control ceiling fans come with endless control options! You can use the provided hand-held remote control to adjust the speed and direction of your airflow, alternate between color temperatures, dim the lighting, and activate Nature mode. For more advanced control options, you can link your Wi-Fi ceiling fan to the Carrohome App for access to your fan settings directly from your smartphone. This means you can turn your fan on or off, adjust the speed, and control the lighting, even while you're away from home! For added convenience, you can also connect your ceiling fan to your Smart home systems, including Siri Shortcuts, Google Assistant, or Alexa to use voice commands to adjust your fan preferences. And don't worry, if you're a fan of more classic control methods, some fan collections feature wall control; some fan features traditional pull chain; shop various control type ceiling fan with Smafan today!

Take Your Smart Cooling Outdoors 

Smart cooling is not limited to the inside of your home! We have a wide selection of remote-control ceiling fans that are damp-rated and ETL-certified for use in indoor and outdoor spaces. Adjust your patio fan using the hand-held remote control without leaving the comfort of your lounge chair or use a simple voice command to dim the lighting while you're having dinner under your gazebo. With Smafan, enjoying comfortable cooling and lighting in every part of your home has never been this simple. 

A Fan for Every Style

Smafan knows the comfort of your space is defined by how it feels and looks. Our ceiling fans with remotes are carefully versatility and style to complement any decor from Farmhouse to Modern. Our contempory curated foary fan designs are created with smooth edges and graceful finishes to elevate modern decor. Do not let our modern styles fool you; we can also add an edgy touch to any space with our Industrial fan designs, featuring exposed bulbs and light wood finishes. Created with black metal and polished wood fan blades, our Traditional fans will also add the ideal balance of elegance and comfort to any room in your home.