How to Balance a Ceiling Fan

A wobbly ceiling fan can be annoying, concerning, and sometimes even dangerous. But thanks to Smafan, it doesn't have to be a problem for much longer. We include a handy fan balancing kit with every purchase to ensure your Smafan Smart fan is always in the best condition for comfortable cooling. Keep reading for a detailed guide on using your fan balancing kit.

Ceiling Fan Balance Kit Consists

Each of our smart fan balancing kits contains everything you need to resolve your wobbly fan problem:

  • A plastic clip
  • An adhesive ceiling fan weight
  • Detailed instructions for proper use

Additional Tools Needed

In addition to the balancing kit, you may need a couple more tools to make this process easier.

  • A step ladder
  • A duster or cleaning rag

Identify Your Ceiling Fan's Wobble

Before you begin using the balancing kit, it is helpful to verify a few things. This pre-screening can help you identify whether the root cause is an imbalance in the blades or a different issue.

1. Are all of your screws tightened?

Verify that there are no loose screws within your ceiling fan hardware. If your ceiling fan has loose screws, using an adhesive ceiling fan weight can cause further damage to your fan's hardware.

2. Is your ceiling fan attached properly to a brace?

Double-check that your ceiling fan is mounted using the proper ceiling fan brace, one meant to withstand the weight of your ceiling fan. If your brace does not support the weight of your ceiling fan, it may be causing your ceiling fan to wobble and puts it at a greater risk of falling.

*Visit our Simple Fixes for a Wobbly Ceiling Fan post for additional troubleshooting and solutions.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you turn off your fan before getting near it. Serious injury can occur if you attempt to get near your fan while the blades are rotating.

Steps to Balance a Ceiling Fan

  1. Identify the Culprit Blade

In this first step, your goal is to identify the blade that is throwing off the balance of your ceiling fan.

  • Use your step ladder to get near your ceiling fan blades.
  • Starting with one fan blade, take the plastic clip from your balancing kit and clip it onto the edge.
  • Step down from your ladder and away from the ceiling fan.
  • Set the ceiling fan to full speed and observe if the wobbling has stopped.
  • Repeat these steps until you have identified the fan blade that is throwing off your ceiling fan balance.
  1. Find the Perfect Point

Now that you have found the culprit fan blade, it is time to tweak the position of the clip to find the point on the fan blade that creates the most balance.

  • If you began this process with the clip on the edge of the fan blade, gently slide it towards the middle of the fan blade.
  • Step down from your ladder and away from the fan.
  • Set your smart fan to full speed and observe the rotation of the blades.
  • If you still see a slight wobble, adjust the position of the clip again.
  • Repeat these steps until you have found the position of the clip that results in the smoothest rotation.
  1. Fix the Adhesive Ceiling Fan Weight

You have identified the blade and position; the most challenging part is over! In this step, you will secure the smart fan weight to the spot on the fan blade you identified.

  • Taking your duster or cleaning rag, gently wipe down the area where you will place the ceiling fan weight. Cleaning it will ensure that the adhesive sticks properly.

*Verify the area on your fan blade is dry before placing the adhesive weight.

  • Take your fan weight and peel back the plastic covering the adhesive.
  • Place the fan weight on the fan blade and press gently so that the adhesive attaches.
  1. The Final Test

Finally, it is time to put your hard work to the test!

  • Step down and away from your step ladder.
  • Set your fan to full speed and observe the rotation of the blades.
  • If there is no more wobbling, congratulations; you have fixed your wobbly ceiling fan!

If the Wobbling Continues

If you're a proud owner of Smafan Smart Ceiling Fans and the wobbling continues, it's time to reach out to our technical support. Our helpful team members are available to answer any questions you may have and will help you verify if you're eligible for warranty replacement parts or exchanges. Our goal at Smafan is to ensure your satisfaction and comfort, so do not wait any longer and give us a call!

If you have determined to replace your fan altogether, explore Smafan's Smart ceiling fan options. Our smart ceiling fans are created with premium materials and advanced technology to deliver stable and silent comfort in any space. In addition to a balancing kit with each purchase, all our ceiling fans come with a replacement parts warranty to give our customers confidence and peace of mind.