Low Profile Ceiling Fan Collection

Do I need a low profile ceiling fan? 

Low profile ceiling fans are fans with a flush mounting that connects directly to your ceiling without a downrod. Also known as hugger ceiling fans, these fans are ideal for spaces with low ceilings measuring below 8 feet. If the distance between your ceiling and your floor measures less than 8 feet, your area is considered low profile, and you will need a flush mounted fan. One of the standout features of our low profile smart ceiling fans is the reversible motor and reversible blades, which allows you to change the ceiling fans direction depending on the season. 

Our hugger ceiling fans are designed to be mounted closer to the ceiling, making them a great choice for small rooms with low ceilings or limited space. The 36 inch ceiling fan is perfect for smaller rooms or for use in a series to provide even cooling and circulation throughout your home.

Are there low profile options for indoors and outdoors? 

Our hugger ceiling fans are created with premium materials for the durability and style your home deserves. Also, many of our collections are damp-rated, making them perfect for indoor and covered outdoor spaces. Install a low profile fan on your deck for quiet air circulation during summer days or a hugger ceiling fan with dimmable lights on your covered patio for the perfect ambiance on summer evenings. You can also select different blade counts, from three blades to five blades, for the ultimate look and fit. While the number of blades will not impact your air velocity, it can contribute to the overall appearance of your space. Finally, our premium low profile fans are created with advanced motors that offer up to 75% increased energy efficiency and super silent high-velocity airspeeds for a comfortable, fresh, and quiet home environment. 

Are flush mount ceiling fans available with Smart Technology? 

Our low profile fans are the way to effortless living, even in reduced spaces. Created with advanced control options (including smartphone control and voice control), convenient scheduling and timer features, and compatibility with existing Smart home devices (like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri Shortcuts), our fans will help you save time, energy, and effort. 

Do low profile fans come in assorted styles? 

While many believe low profile ceiling fans are designed only to complement modern decor, Smafan has a wide selection of flush mount fan styles to suit any interior: 

  • IndustrialOur industrial fan collections combine raw elements, like unfinished wood, exposed bulbs, and black metal, to add an edgy touch to any space. 
  • TraditionalTraditionalfan options are available with 5 classic blades, polished wood finishes, and subtle light covers. 
  • ContemporaryFuturistic blades, unique finishes, and seamless connections come together to create elegant fans for contemporary
  • FarmhouseCharming and functional, our Farmhouse style fans are designed with the perfect balance of wood grains and classic silhouettes. 
  • NauticalOur Nautical fan styles feature rounded silhouettes and light wood or crisp white finishes to create a space as light and open as the sea. 
  • LuxuryOur Rustic fans feature ornate detailing, elegant wood, and luxury crystal accents for a perfect touch of style and comfort. 

Our fans feature versatile exteriors to blend seamlessly into any space, regardless of the decor. Make sure to explore all of our ceiling fan collections to find the one that will bring the most style, comfort, and convenience into your home. 

Frenquent Asked Questions 

What is a flush mount ceiling fan? What is a hugger ceiling fan?

A flush mount ceiling fan, also known as a hugger ceiling fan, is designed to attach directly to the ceiling without the use of a downrod. This design is ideal for rooms with lower ceilings as it maximizes the space between the fan blades and the floor.

Which fan is suitable for low ceiling?

For low ceilings, it is recommended to use a low profile or flush mount ceiling fan to ensure there is enough headroom and to comply with safety standards.