Smafan CARRO DC Motor Ceiling Fan

How Does DC Motor Ceiling Fans Work?

DC ceiling fans are fans equipped with modern DC motors to offer more silence, efficiency, and convenience! DC motor fans can accomplish all this because of the fan technology behind direct current motors; instead of using an oscillating current, DC motors use a direct current to create the torque required to spin a fan motor. The direct current helps the fan motor make better use of its input energy for more stable performance, less energy waste, and more control options for the user.

What Are the Benefits of a DC Motor Fan?

Now that you know more about the fan technology behind DC motors, let's get into the benefits of DC motor fans!

  • Powerful & Energy-Efficient: One of the main benefits for your wallet and the planet is that DC fans perform with up to 75% increased energy efficiency compared to traditional fans while delivering the most powerful and high-speed airflow you've ever experienced.

  • Lightweight: DC motors tend to be smaller and lighter than traditional AC motors, allowing for better airflow and easier installation.

  • Silent: There is nothing more irritating than a noisy fan. Thankfully, DC fans are brushless and built with lubricated bearings to deliver high-speed airflow in the most silent way possible.

  • Summer & Winter Comfort: DC fan motors are reversible, allowing you to switch the air circulation from a downward draft in the summer to an upward draft in the winter for optimal comfort all year!

How Do DC Ceiling Fans Differ From AC Fans?

AC ceiling fans are powered differently than DC fans; instead of using a direct current, they use an alternating current that constantly changes in magnitude and direction. As a result, AC fans tend to be less energy efficient, a little louder, and offer fewer speed settings. While AC fans tend to be at a slightly lower price point, DC motors deliver more precise speed control, reduced energy consumption, and more value for your money!

Smafan Offer DC Fans In Styles

Because fan with DC motors are more energy efficient, it does not mean they are any less stylish! DC ceiling fans are available in a wide selection of designs, such as modern, industrial, nautical, and traditional, to complement any space in your home. Install a DC fan in your home office for the perfect study environment or your bedroom for the most comfortable and relaxing sleep you'll ever experience.

DC Fans Come in Multiple Control Options

Because Smafan DC fans with led lights are compatible with your existing Smart home systems, your control options multiply! Connect your DC motor ceiling fan to the Carrohome App and access your fan settings from your smartphone, even while you're away at work. You can also link your fan to Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri Shortcuts to control your fan via voice commands while your hands are busy cooking or cleaning. For those who prefer more traditional control methods, all Smafan DC fans also come with a convenient handheld remote for precise setting control or can be manually switched on and off using the standard wall switch.