Smafan Carro Farmhouse Style Ceiling Fan

Find Perfect Style to Match Your Home Decor 

Smafan's expert design team conducts extensive research on emerging trends and decor styles to create some of the most beautiful and powerful fans you have ever seen! We carefully select the materials, finishes, silhouettes, and configurations to match even the most intricate interior designs. From traditional to modern, we have a collection for every unique style sure to please the eye and complement your surrounding home decor. One of our favorite designs combines the perfect amount of rural allure with urban-modern elements to create a Farmhouse style dream home!

Rural Meets Urban

Our Farmhouse-style ceiling fans focus on the best parts of rustic decor, like wooden finishes, exposed bulbs, and metal hardware, paired with modern silhouettes and advanced technology for unrivaled performance. We incorporate elegant wooden blades in finishes like Fine Wood, Light Wood, and Dark Wood to capture the rustic charm of a Farmhouse in the most graceful way possible. To balance out the rustic elements and to include a little luxury, some of our Farmhouse-style ceiling fans are also adorned with bold blade connectors, unique lampshades, and even crystal pendants. On the inside, our Farmhouse fans are anything but rustic. Our Carro fans feature the latest in motor and lighting technology for powerful airspeeds, precise fan speed and light settings, and long-lasting comfort!  

3 Fan Blades or 5 Fan Blades Ceiling Fan? 

In addition to materials, finishes, and silhouettes, the number of ceiling fan blades contributes to the overall aesthetic of your ceiling fan. For a traditional Farmhouse aesthetic, choose an elegant 5-wooden blades fan like the Smafan Glacier 52" Alexa fan, with five rounded blades in a polished fine wood finish. If you are looking for more modern farmhouse ceiling fans, our 3-blade fan styles give off a futuristic vibe while preserving the authentic Farmhouse appeal.

Shop Farmhouse-Style Ceiling Fan in Varous Sizes

The perfect fan is not complete without the perfect fit! Choose from various sizes, from 42 to 56-inch Farmhouse-style ceiling fans, to add comfort, style, and brightness to your bedroom, living room, covered outdoor patio, and more. To find which size is right for your home, measure the dimensions of the desired installation area in square footage. Next, visit our "How to Choose the Right Size Ceiling Fan" blog post for a helpful table on the proper sized fan based on your room size. You will also find additional tips for the ideal fit, like your ceiling height, slope, and weight support.

Smafan Offer You Ceiling Fan with Various Control Options

While the exterior of our Farmhouse ceiling fans may be rustic, the interior has never been more advanced! Several of our Farmhouse collections are compatible with your existing Smart devices for Smart home integration. Link your Farmhouse-style ceiling fan with lights to Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri Shortcuts to adjust your fan preferences using voice commands. You can also connect your Farmhouse fan to the Carrohome Smart App to access your fan settings directly from your smartphone. Finally, depending on your Farmhouse ceiling fan model, you can always use a convenient handheld remote or classic wall switch control to adjust the fan speed, reverse the airflow direction, dim the lighting, change the color temperature, and more!