Smafan CARRO Nautical Style Ceiling Fan

Cooling to Complement Home Decor 

The right ceiling fan design can make or break your carefully curated decor. Lucky for you, Smafan has a wide selection of Wi-Fi ceiling fan styles, ranging from Traditional to Nautical, from indoor to outdoor space, to elevate the home style of your preference.

Our Nautical fans are versatile in technology, functions, and control to satisfy every kind of homeowner, from the traditional dad to the tech-savvy mom! Select from classic, reliable, and stable performance, or opt for more advanced, convenient, and modern features while enjoying the beachy vibes of our coastal designs. 

Fresh & Elegant Sea Breeze

As elegant and refreshing as the sea breeze itself, Smafan's Nautical-style ceiling fans come with advanced motors for high-CFMs, high air velocities, strong air circulation, and precise speed control. Nautical fans with stable and reliable AC motors offer 3-speed settings and reversible airflow options, perfect for those who prefer classic cooling settings. For those who want more advanced control, we offer DC motors fans with the same beach style, 10-speed settings, summer and winter modes, and up to 75% increased energy efficiency compared to traditional ceiling fans. 

LED Lighting with Different Color Temperatures

Do you need more than just powerful cooling? Many of our Nautical ceiling fans with lights feature dimmable LED light kits to help you create the exact atmosphere you need to unwind. Our versatile LED light kits offer three different color temperatures, including Cool, Natural, and Warm, for the most effective tone and ambiance for a romantic dinner or a productive study session. You can even dim the lighting from 100% to 1% to find the ideal brightness level for those who suffer from sensitive eyes. We also offer nautical fans with more traditional lighting options for people who prefer classic settings and control. Find Smafan Smart fans must have functions to suit your need. 

Effortless & Coastal Comfort 

When it comes to advanced control, our modern Nautical ceiling fans are number one! Many of our Nautical fan collections are compatible with Smartphone apps and home devices for effortless cooling like never before. Select from the classic yet convenient wall switch control fans (also compatible with Smart devices) or the more modern remote control ceiling fans with fully integrated Smart settings. Experience the effortlessness of Smart home integration when you connect your nautical fan to the Carrohome App, Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri Shortcuts for smartphone control and voice control. Finally, enjoy the convenience of home automation using our scheduling and timer features that let you pre-set settings for the right environment at all times! 

Nautical Style in Your Outdoor & Indoor Area

Spread the beachy aesthetic throughout your home, even in your outdoor living space, with our nautical outdoor ceiling fans. Our Nautical fans are damp-rated and created with durable materials to perform seamlessly in almost any indoor or outdoor environment. Experience the refreshing sea breeze under your covered porch or patio on those sweltering summer evenings or in your kitchen or living room for stuffy summer mornings. So do not wait any longer; explore our nautical fan styles to bring the refreshing sea breeze home with you today!