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Here's Why You Need a Smart Ceiling Fan Today

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Did you know that Americans spend around 12% of their energy bills on air conditioning?

Not only is air conditioning expensive, but it's damaging to the environment too. Each year millions of metric tons of carbon dioxide are released into the atmosphere.

While an air conditioner is the most obvious answer for those sweltering summers, have you considered a smart ceiling fan?

That's right; your TV isn't the only home appliance getting smarter. Ceiling fans have been given an upgrade, using innovative techniques, advanced motors, and integrated LED lights to offer climate control within the home.

Want to learn more about the benefits of smart home ceiling fans? Keep reading.

How Does Smart Ceiling Fan Work?

Smart ceiling fans allow you to control them from anywhere using a smartphone via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth technology, rather than having to pull a chain or flip a switch on your wall. You may set up automated schedules and control your ceiling fan with light from anywhere with the touch of a button! Some Smart ceiling fans can also be controlled using Smart devices like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant in addition to your smartphone.

Voice-recognition tools like Alexa are the most popular method of controlling smart ceiling fans, but they aren't the only option. You may also download smart ceiling fan apps on your tablet or laptop, giving you lots of remote control choices. For a more detailed breakdown of how fans work, give our Review the Basics post a quick read!

Smart Ceiling Fans Are Efficient

Smart fans work well in areas with long periods of hot weather. Unlike air conditioners, they don't cool air but instead, move it around. This makes people feel cooler as the shifting air helps to reduce perspiration. In turn, this cools the skin.

For starters, Smart fans feature DC motors that make them up to 75% more efficient than traditional AC motors. In addition, many modern ceiling fans with lighting feature advanced LED light kits that offer more lumens than lightbulbs while consuming less energy. Finally, Smart fans come with advanced features such as a schedule and timer, so you can ensure your fan is on, only when needed.

Pro-Tip: For unrivaled energy efficiency, keep an eye out for Energy Star Rated ceiling fans. Tested by the US Department of Energy, they are determined to meet meticulous energy efficiency standards. Smafan's revolutionary Icebreaker collection is Energy Star Certified, so you can confidently enjoy comfort cooling in the most efficient way possible.

Smafan why you need a smart fan

Smart Ceiling Fans Are Versatile

However, these smart fans are versatile as they can also help during the colder winter months to move the warm air. That way they help to cut the need for air conditioning during the summer months and they can help lower heating in the colder months.

Most fans offer a winter feature that fights heat stratification. By altering the direction of the fan to clockwise, an updraft is produced. Heat is recirculated and the room feels warmer.

Smart ceiling fans are also versatile in style! They come in an array of modern finishes that add charm, brightness, and comfort to any décor interior. Already have a design in mind? Head over to our Ceiling Fan Style page to explore fan options based on interior décor styles. We have everything from industrial décor fans in brushed nickel to luxury fans in black and gold, ideal for all design trends!

Smart Ceiling Fans Save Money

Whether used in the summer or winter months, smart ceiling fans help save energy and money.

Although air conditioning can feel great when we're experiencing hot weather during the summer, they waste a great deal of money, as well as energy. Ceiling fans are a fantastic and affordable solution.

smart ceiling fan save energy

Smart Ceiling Fans Are Sophisticated

Modern Smart fans are now designed to be more sophisticated to take all the guesswork out of your home's cooling and lighting:

  • Compatible with Temperature Sensors: Smart fansintegrate seamlessly with your existing Smart home devices, including temperature sensors, so your ceiling fan will automatically switch on or off, depending on your space's temperature. If your room's temperature rises above a specific level, it will automatically switch on to deliver a cooling airflow.
  • Scheduling & Timer Feature: Smart ceiling fans allow you to set a schedule or timer that best meets the needs of your daily routine. Schedule it to activate every morning for the perfect environment after a morning workout, or set a timer to shut it off automatically before bedtime. The options are endless!
  • Indoor & Outdoor: Smart fansare available in indoor and outdoor options, depending on your needs. Outdoor Smart Ceiling Fans are damp-rated and perfect for covered outdoor spaces like patios and verandas. While designed to withstand the outdoor elements, outdoor fans should not be directly exposed to the elements.
  • Modern LED Lighting:Modern fans are equipped with convenient integrated LED light kits to offer endless lighting configurations and create the perfect ambiance for any environment. Enjoy over 50,000 hours of use, dimming options, and adjustable light tones, including Warm, Neutral, and Cool.
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity:Unlike your typical ceiling fan, where the only connection is a pull cable or wiring within the wall, Smart fans use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to work. This connectivity means you can operate your fans, even while you are traveling away from home, using your iOS or Android device. So, if you are on your way home and want the room to be comfortable and fresh upon arrival, use the mobile app to switch on your fan.
  • Compatible with Smart Home Devices: Most Smart fans can link with Smart home devices and voice control technologies, including Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri. However, remember that you always need Wi-Fi to connect to these devices remotely.

Smart Ceiling Fans Are Sophisticated

Smart Ceiling Fans Are Easy to Use

Keeping your home environment comfortable has never been this easy! Smart fans come with four advanced control options, so you do not have to lift a finger to adjust the fan speed or switch on the lights.

  1. Remote Control: Modern fans come with a convenient remote control so you can access your fan settings without having to reach for outdated pull chains.
  2. Smart App Control:Smart fans are compatible with a mobile app that will allow you to adjust your fan settings, even from anywhere in your home!
  3. Voice Control:Smart ceiling fans are compatible with home hubs like Alexa and Google Assistant, allowing you to set up voice commands to activate fan functions.
  4. Classic Wall Control:Not to worry, if you are still a fan of classic wall control, the fan can still be switched on or off using the wall switch.

In addition to convenient control, Smart fans allow for more precise adjustments to your fan settings. Instead of the traditional three speeds, you can select from ten different speed variations. In terms of lighting, you can dim the lights and alternate between light color temperatures as opposed to the single light setting that traditional bulbs offer.

Interested in Buying a Smart Ceiling Fan?

There are many benefits to buying a smart ceiling fan, as you can see. If you'd like more control over your home's climate, then a smart fan may be a great option for you.

Not only do the sophisticated features allow you lots of control over your fan but opting for a smart option will also save you plenty of money and energy that you'd usually spend on expensive air conditioning.

Smart ceiling fans are also versatile and easy to use, helping you cool down the home in the hot summer months and warm it up during the winter.

If you think a smart ceiling fan is right for you, here at Smafan, we can help. Have a look at our best-selling fans here.

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