How to measure a ceiling fan

When replacing a ceiling fan, it is important to know the size of the fan you are using. Here is some tips to determine the size of your ceiling fan blade span. You'll find the size, in inches, on the box or label while buying a fan. A blade's length or circumference is described as the distance between the tip of one blade to the tip of the opposite blade. You may avoid blade collisions and get the right amount of air if you know how to measure the blade span of your ceiling fan.

  • Odd Blades:

    You will start by measuring the distance from the tip of a blade to the motor hub of the fan, which is in the middle of the motor hub. Then, you will multiply this distance by two to get the diameter.
  • Even Blades:

    You can determine the blade sweep of a ceiling fan with an even number of blades by measuring from the end of one blade to the end of an opposite blade.
how to measure ceiling fan diameter