Smafan Carro Luxury Ceiling Fan

Do Luxury Homes Have Ceiling Fans?

While it may seem counterintuitive to combine luxury and functionality in the same sentence, all homes, even luxury homes, benefit from functional and high-performing ceiling fans. Ceiling fans like Smafan's high-end ceiling fans deliver a comfortable breeze that your central AC unit cannot compete with and versatile lighting for the ideal ambiance at any time.

Elegant Styles for Luxury Homes

Smafan has a fan style for everyone, ranging from modern luxury to industrial minimalism. Our luxury ceiling fans incorporate elements like ornate crystal lampshades, sleek brushed gold accents, and chandelier-style configurations to blend seamlessly as part of your decor. Choose a smooth and sophisticated wood finish blade fan with a detailed crystal lampshade that mimics natural fauna to complement your traditional luxury space. If you prefer more contemporary styles, choose a 3-blade fan with a modern matte black finish and a brushed gold lighting accent.

Luxury LED Light Settings

For added convenience and a more enjoyable experience, our luxury ceiling fans with lights feature long-lasting LED light kits that deliver energy-efficient lighting for more than 50,000 hours. Alternate between Warm, Natural, and Cool light for different light temperatures during various activities: warm light tends to be for more romantic settings, while cool light is for productive spaces. The LED light-dimming features also allow you to adjust the brightness level between 100% and 1% to create a cozy dim space for movie night, a bright and cheery environment for work, or a brightness level perfect for sensitive eyes.

Experience Comfort All Year

Smafan's high-end ceiling fans work seamlessly to create the most comfortable environment during the winter and summer. Our Carro fans feature a switch on the motor hub that lets you reverse the direction of the fan blades for different air circulation during different seasons. During the summer, set your fan to spin counterclockwise to push air downwards for a cooling breeze. In the winter, when the warm air collects near the ceiling, set your luxury fan to rotate clockwise and blend the air in the room for a cozier feel.

Downrod & Flush-Mount Fan Mounting Options

Luxury decor is for all home dimensions, whether you have a great room with high ceilings or a reduced low-profile basement. Select a luxury Carro downrod fan for the perfect fit in high and vaulted ceilings, compatible with extension downrods ranging from 14 to 46 inches. If you are concerned your fan will hang too low, choose a flush-mount ceiling fan that mounts directly to the ceiling and will not take up too much space.

Luxury Fans with Modern Smart Control

Carro Smart ceiling fans are built with advanced tech features so you can enjoy modern control options. Link your luxury Smart fan to existing Smart home devices, including Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri Shortcuts to issue voice commands that will adjust your fan settings. You can also use your remote control or Smartphone (via the Carrohome App) to change the fan speed and light settings without leaving the comfort of your seat!

Power-Saving Feature

Luxury does not always mean unnecessary expense! Equipped with advanced LED light kits and mighty DC motors, our luxury Carro ceiling fans perform with up to 75% increased energy efficiency compared to traditional fans. The Smart scheduling and timer features also help ensure your ceiling fan is only running when needed, reducing unnecessary energy waste. Experiencing luxury, energy efficiency, and cost-savings has never been this simple! Browse our Energy Star Rated Ceiling Fan today!