Crystal Chandelier Ceiling Fan

Elevate Your Style with The Crystal-Clear Beauty of Smart Ceiling Fan Chandelier


Designed with premium crystal accents for a graceful exterior. Equipped to deliver the perfect lighting for any occasion.

Enjoy maximum comfort with strong and silent airflow.

SmaFan Indoor Crystal Luxury Lighting Ceiling Fans

A crystal ceiling fan is a type of ceiling fan that features a chandelier-style design with sparkling crystals hanging from the fan blades or the central fixture.

The crystal ceiling fan collection is available in several styles, including traditional, contemporary, and elegant designs to fit any room decor.

Yes, crystal ceiling fans are often designed with long downrods to accommodate higher ceiling rooms. If you are not sure what size of ceiling fan you should get, please refer to our How to choose the right ceiling fan.

Smafan provide Crystal ceiling fans with LED or incandescent bulbs.

Yes, many crystal ceiling fans are designed with energy-efficient technology to reduce energy consumption and save on energy costs.

The installation of a crystal ceiling fan can be complicated for those without technical expertise, but with Smafan's easy installation technology, installation has never been easier. Our ceiling fans are designed to be easily installed, even by those without prior experience. If you are not confident with the instructions, our friendly customer support team is always available to help and guide you through the process, ensuring a successful and stress-free installation.

Smafan Carro Crystal Ceiling Fan Collection

What is Fandelier?

A fandelier is a chandelier or pendant-style ceiling fan. With Smafan's Smart chandelier ceiling fans, you do not have to compromise function for style! Smafan combines the most convenient features of Smart ceiling fans, like DC motor power, dimmable lighting, and Smart control, with the elegance and luxury of crystal pendants for a result that is as striking as it is functional. Use a fandelier as a statement lighting piece, or add comfort and blend it as part of your decor in any large room.

A Crystal Chandelier Ceiling Fan Reflects Your Style

Crystal ceiling fans with lights are for more than just luxury decor! Explore Smafan's wide selection of ceiling fan chandeliers, with different finishes ranging from light wood to clear acrylic, different blade configurations, and versatile mounting options. With so many choices, you are bound to find a crystal fan for any interior style, whether your living space gives off modern and industrial vibes or a traditional and nautical aesthetic.

Fandelier with Lights

Do not be fooled by their beautiful exteriors! Smafan's chandelier fans emit powerfully cooling and silent airflow for the most comfortable environment without clashing with your carefully curated decor. Our crystal ceiling fans come in 3-blade, 5-blade, and even impressive 11-blade configurations to move large air volumes with ease. Thanks to our modern LED light kits, you can experience long-lasting and versatile lighting! Alternate between three color temperatures, dim the lights from 100% to 1%, save energy, and enjoy over 50,000 hours of comfortable lighting. Several of our luxury crystal fans are equipped with advanced DC motors to offer more than 3-speed settings, high air velocities, ultra-quiet performance, and up to 75% increased energy efficiency compared to traditional fan motors.

Crystal Ceiling Fan with More Control Options

More than just luxury you can admire, Smafan's chandeliers fan with lights offer luxury you can experience! Our elegant ceiling fan chandeliers come with a handheld remote control that allows you to change the light and fan settings without leaving the comfort of your bed. You can also connect your fandelier to the Carrohome app and access your fan and light settings, even while you are away from home. Finally, if your crystal ceiling fan is in your dining room, link it to Siri Shortcuts, Google Assistant, or Amazon Alexa to adjust your fan settings using simple voice commands while your hands are busy. For less effort and more comfort, access your crystal fan's Smart scheduling and timer features. Set a schedule to have your 5-blade fan in the living room turn on automatically after your workout or a timer to have your bedroom fan turn off automatically 1 - 8 hours after you have fallen asleep.

Large Chandelier Ceiling Fan to Match Your Great Room

Smafan has the right crystal ceiling fan sizes, styles, and prices to help create the most elevated version of your home. To select the proper-sized fan, take in the square footage of the space where you plan to install it. After you have measured your room's dimensions, explore ceiling fan chandelier collections in sizes from 48 inches to 52" inches to deliver the best air circulation and velocities for your space needs.