why you need ceiling fan for your kids' room

6 Reasons Why You Need a Smart Ceiling Fan for Your Kid’s Room

Stylish and versatile, Smafan's smart ceiling fans are proving to be popular in any space around your home, even in your kids' rooms. You may already have one in your bedroom that you can conveniently control from your smartphone or one in the living room that you can control with an Alexa command. But in this article, we will provide some kids' room ceiling fan recommendations and cover the 6 reasons why smart ceiling fans have become one of the most popular accessories for kids' rooms and a parent's best friend.

#1 - You're in Control

Parents are well aware that kids need to be supervised. Children are too busy playing with toys or chasing their siblings to remember when the lights need to be turned off or when the fan should be switched on. This is where the fine-tuned control of smart ceiling fans becomes beneficial. Their smart compatibility allows you to connect them to existing smart devices, so you can adjust your kids' room ceiling fan settings from anywhere in your home. Link the fan to your smartphone and check on the status of the fan and light at any time. Chances are, you're going to be switching the light off nightly after your child has fallen asleep with the lights on. At least now, you won't have to leave the comfort of your bed to do so!

#2 - Better Quality Sleep

Sleep is one of the most important factors that impact a child's learning and development. As a parent, you want to make sure that your child is getting a minimum of 8 hours of restorative sleep every night. Studies have shown that the lower our core body temperature is while we sleep, the more restorative sleep we get. Installing a children's ceiling fan can create powerful and cooling airflow to keep your child's bedroom at the optimal temperature for high-quality sleep. This can help ensure that your child will wake up refreshed and ready to tackle a new school day!

#3 – Better Focus

Did you know that your kids' room lighting can influence their comfort and learning? Warmer light temperatures have been associated with relaxation and comfort, while cooler light temperatures have been associated with improved academic performance. Smafan's smart ceiling fans are equipped with the latest in LED lighting so you can configure the perfect ambiance for your child. The lighting is fully dimmable from 100% - 1% and adjustable between Warm, Neutral, and Cool light tones. When you want to soothe your child to fall asleep, you can dim the lights to create a cozy ambiance for a bedtime story. When you want them to focus on their homework, switch to bright daylight for the optimal learning environment.

#4 – Improve Self-Regulation

In addition to adding convenience to parents' busy schedules, the smart scheduling and timer features of kids' ceiling fans can help children establish a routine. Research has proven that routines can help children foster self-regulation mechanisms for a productive and healthy life. Each time the lights automatically switch to 4000K for homework time or dim for bedtime, it will signal to your child that it is time for them to focus or get ready for bed. Consistently implementing these scheduling features can create a predictable pattern for children, so they can get into the habit of doing these things intuitively.

#5 – Save Money

Having children is expensive! Between clothing, food, and school supplies, sometimes there is little room in the budget for the fun stuff. Make the switch to energy-efficient cooling and keep your kid's room fresh while lowering your light bill! Smafan smart ceiling fans are designed with advanced DC motors that deliver powerful airflow while consuming less energy than central AC units. Pro-tip: the money you save on your light bill can go toward making fond family memories with your children on trips, vacations, or amusement parks!

#6 - Timeless Designs

There are many ceiling fan companies creating ceiling fans for children in bright colors and unique shapes. While the colorful and quirky kid designs may seem fun and appealing, your child will likely grow out of them in a few years. Instead, you should invest in Smafan's charming yet timeless designs that will add style, cooling, and lighting to anyone's room, regardless of age! When your child is ready to redecorate their room, you can avoid having to replace a perfectly good ceiling fan and save some extra cash. Below, you will find some of our favorite kids' room ceiling fans in fun yet elegant designs.

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