Trending Outdoor Patio Fans & Decors For The Perfect Summer

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Picture this: it’s a warm summer evening in your backyard. You’re singing along to your favorite tunes as you set the outdoor table for dinner. Your partner is grilling some steaks while your kids are running around in the yard. Your best friend arrives, accompanied by their family and a bottle of your favorite wine. You all sit down and enjoy dinner together under a cooling breeze as the sun fades and the stars appear. And all is well with the world.

We all deserve to enjoy this feeling. Unfortunately, many of us feel embarrassed about our outdated yards and rusted furniture; our shame deters us from hosting memorable gatherings in our backyards. But don’t worry! We’ve created this guide to inspire you with trending outdoor patio fans and decors, so you can create a beautiful and inviting outdoor space for unforgettable summer evenings with family and friends.

Tropical Resort

Perfect for backyard spaces with pools, tropical resort décor creates a summery and cool aesthetic that will transport you to luxurious islands with warm weather and refreshing water.

Colors: Close your eyes and picture all of the colors that remind you of an island, including light beige (sand), vibrant green (palm trees), and bright teal (ocean).

Furniture: Include furniture pieces with textures that will elevate the color scheme; for example, wicker furniture in a matching light beige but with a woven/braided texture.

Fan: For a cooling breeze that mimics the natural ocean spray, use the Smafan Aspen Outdoor Ceiling Fan in Light Wood; the Aspen features 5 sharp blades in an elegant light wood finish that are designed to deliver powerful 10-speed airflow.

Accessories: Incorporate lively island colors with accessories; add throw pillows in vibrant teal, potted plants with eye-catching green leaves, and funky pool accessories like a bright pink flamingo!

Enchanted Garden

Notorious for their elegance and charm, enchanted gardens are meant to create a cozy and mystical environment that is perfect for sipping late-night tea while reading a good book or sharing a romantic outdoor dinner.

Colors: When you think of an enchanted garden, picture butterflies and fairies in pastel colors such as powder pink, lavender lilac, or pistachio green.

Furniture: Select rustic pieces of outdoor furniture in dark metal finishes with ornate metal detailing in the form of flower vines.

Fan: Complete your enchanted garden with the Smafan Joliet Plus 45” Smart Ceiling Fan with Light. The Joliet features sharp and elegant blades that mimic the shape of natural garden leaves and fully dimmable lighting (from 100% to 1%), so you can set the mood for any occasion.

Accessories: Spark a magical feeling in your enchanted garden with a string of twinkling lights, mini fairy and gnome statues, lots of small flowers, and a rustic bird feeder!

Farmhouse Yard

Quaint, cozy, and functional, Farmhouse yard décor creates a comforting and familiar environment that is perfect for hosting large family reunions and barbecues.

Colors: Farmhouse décor often pairs dark colors such as navy blue or dark brown with sandy beige or bright white to create a contrasting yet elevated look.

Furniture: Include classic and sturdy wooden furniture pieces in medium or dark wood finishes that will create a sense of nostalgia. You can also repurpose old items such as wooden pallets to create unique Farmhouse furniture pieces!

Fan: Equipped with reversible wooden fan blades, a bronze metal exterior, and a textured glass lampshade, the Smafan Alexandria Modern Ceiling Fan embodies the heart of Farmhouse yard décor. Control the Alexandria using the convenient wall switch or link it to your smart devices (like Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri Shortcuts) for hands-free access!

Accessories: Make sure to add accessories that will create a homely environment such as outdoor rugs in plaid patterns, chunky knit chair seat covers, and rustic bucket plant pots!

Kanso Garden

Experience the natural outdoors in all of its glory by creating a relaxing and comfortable Japanese-inspired Kanso garden, great for afternoon picnics or outdoor adventure time with the little ones!

Colors: Kanso décor is characterized by subdued hues of white, light beige, and natural wood.

Furniture: Select furniture pieces that are practical and created using natural elements such as stone or unfinished wood.

Fan: Designed to be simple and practical, the Smafan Veter Wi-Fi Fan features light wood blades and a pristine white metal exterior that will blend in seamlessly with your Kanso garden décor; alternate between 3 different LED light tones including Warm, Neutral, and Cool to achieve the perfect lighting for meditating, relaxing, or reading.

Accessories: With Kanso décor, the more natural green the better! Accessorize with green plants and other items needed for relaxation such as floor cushions or incense burners.

Modern Patio

Ideal for creating elegant outdoor experiences, modern patio decor strikes a delicate balance between futuristic elements and natural elements.

Colors: Include dark and bold colors like navy blue, steel gray, and midnight black that will contrast elegantly with natural green or concrete gray.

Furniture: Modern furniture consists of sleek furniture pieces with straight and sharp edges such as square metal chairs or rectangular outdoor sectionals.

Fan: The Smafan Striver Gold and Black Ceiling Fan will add style and comfort to your modern patio; control the Striver with the remote control, your smartphone, or even using voice commands, thanks to its modern smart compatibility.

Accessories: Incorporate subtle natural elements like plants, water, and fire in modern ways such as an elegant succulent wall, an electric fire pit, or a geometric water fountain to balance out the futuristic décor.

No matter your style, everyone deserves to feel proud and comfortable in the space they call home. If you’re currently feeling ashamed of your outdoor space, we hope the decors above have inspired you to make a change. Smafan is here to help you with the latest in outdoor ceiling fan features and designs, so you can bring your outdoor space back to life. Set the scene for wonderful summer evenings and fond family memories with Smafan!


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