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How to Refresh Your Outdoor Ceiling Fan: The Ultimate Guide

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You can always count on your outdoor ceiling fan for a cooling breeze during the day and bright lighting at night. To ensure that your outdoor ceiling fan remains in optimal condition day after day, it is important to clean and perform basic maintenance on it regularly. Regular cleaning and maintenance will help extend the lifespan of your outdoor ceiling fan, improve the appearance of your patio, porch, or outdoor space, and ensure that the air you are breathing is free from dust/particles that may get caught on the ceiling fan blades.

How to Clean an Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Before you begin, you are going to need a few materials including a stepladder, a washcloth, and a cleaning liquid of your preference.

The first step to cleaning your outdoor ceiling fan is to make sure the fan is turned off. If you have a smart ceiling fan, such as our Smafan Innovator fan, you can do this using the remote control or via the app on your mobile device connected to Wi-Fi. You may want to start by cleaning the fan blades first, then move on to the body and lights. This will ensure that any dust that falls from the blades does not fall onto previously cleaned parts of the ceiling fan.

Carefully use your stepladder to get near your ceiling fan.

Taking your washcloth and a small amount of your cleaning liquid, gently wipe down each blade of your ceiling fan. You want to start close to the base of the ceiling fan and wipe outwards towards the tip of the blade. You do not want to apply too much pressure to the blades as it can result in a broken blade or disturb its balance.

After all the blades have been wiped down, you can move on to the body of the ceiling fan. You may want to rinse your washcloth and apply some additional cleaning liquid. Using the same amount of pressure, wipe down the base.

After the base has been wiped down, all that is left to clean is the lighting. Using the washcloth and very minimal pressure, wipe down the lighting. If your outdoor ceiling fan has a removable glass light fixture, much like the Smafan Alexandria, you may want to carefully remove the glass light fixture to rinse and dry it separately.

How to Maintain an Outdoor Ceiling Fan

In addition to a thorough cleaning of your ceiling fan regularly, it is recommended to perform quick maintenance on a semi-daily basis. All you need is an extendable duster. Take your extendable duster and carefully wipe down each of the blades on your ceiling fan. Doing this every other day will prevent an excessive amount of dirt or dust from sticking to your ceiling fan blades and will save you time and effort when performing a thorough cleaning.

It is also important to maintain your ceiling fan accessories. If you have a remote control ceiling fan, make sure to regularly wipe down the remote and replace batteries as needed. This will ensure that you can always access the various features of your smart ceiling fan, including control of your fan speed, LED lights, schedule, timer, and forward/reverse function.

Tips for Choosing the Right Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Choosing the best outdoor ceiling fan for your space based on your environment and needs will also ensure optimal performance and lifespan. When choosing, there are four key factors to consider including the design of your space, the outdoor environment, the surrounding structure, and the functions you require.


With the Smafan ceiling fan options, you do not have to compromise design for functionality. With models such as the Smafan Icebreaker, you can have access to the latest technology in ceiling fans in the most suitable design for your space. Smafan styles range across several design categories including Industrial, Traditional, Modern, Farmhouse, Nautical, and Luxury. Smafan ceiling fans are also available in various colors to coordinate with any color scheme. A few color options include white, gold, black, and even several wood tones.

Outdoor Environment

If you plan to install a ceiling fan in an outdoor setting that is uncovered, you will require a wet rated outdoor ceiling fan to withstand rain or heavy downpour. However, if you plan to install a ceiling fan in a covered area, such as your porch or patio, you should consider a damp rated outdoor ceiling fan that is designed to endure light moisture. The Smafan outdoor ceiling fans are damp rated and come in assorted designs to fit any aesthetic perfectly, ranging from modern marble ceiling fans (the Smafan Innovator in white) to luxury crystal ceiling fans (the Smafan Blossom).

Surrounding Structure

Depending on the structure surrounding the ceiling fan, you can also decide between a flushed or a downrod mounting. If you are looking for a sleek gold and black ceiling fan to fit your space, the Smafan Striver is a modern option for a flushed mount. However, if your space calls for a more classic design, the Smafan Essex in light wood or dark wood is a more traditional option for a dual-mount ceiling fan that can be installed on a flat or max 27° angled ceiling.


Finally, it is important to decide what kind of functionality you would like your outdoor ceiling fan with light to have. The Smafan outdoor ceiling fans are designed with the latest technology to offer a 10-speed reversible motor, ultra quiet performance, and adjustable lighting. Smafan outdoor ceiling fans are also compatible with Wi-Fi apps, integrating seamlessly into your existing smart home technology and allowing you to control your settings using Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, and the Smart App.

Your outdoor ceiling fan with light is more than just another appliance in your home; after all, it allows you to experience the harbor breeze from your very own backyard. Cleaning/performing basic maintenance on your outdoor ceiling fan does not have to be time or labor-intensive and doing so regularly will preserve its performance and appearance. When choosing the best outdoor ceiling fan for your space, it is important to keep in mind your space needs including the outside environment, design, surrounding structures, and functionality. Following the steps listed will ensure that your investment in a smart outdoor ceiling fan keeps your space stylish and cool for as long as possible.

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Rchard H.

Trying to replace an existing ceiling fan. How do I measure the fan already in place? Blade tip to blade tip?

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