Must-Have Glass Table Lamps Based On Your Favorite Flower

Must-Have Glass Table Lamps Based On Your Favorite Flower

Has anyone ever asked you what your favorite flower is? You probably answered straightaway without realizing you were giving away some pretty specific information about yourself. Your favorite flower can tell people anything from your clothing style preference to your outlook on life. This guide will use your favorite flower to show you the perfect table lamp for your space. Keep reading to see if you agree!

1 – Tulips

Charming and sleek, Tulips are large flowers that bloom in blended colors. If you love tulips, you probably like clean, organized, and minimalist spaces. Everything has a purpose; everything has a home. Just as elegant and simple, the Smafan Tulip glass table lamp features a long-curved base reminiscent of a tulip’s silhouette, an ombre translucent finish in Steel Blue, Mud, Silver, or Cyan, and a rippled white lampshade to evenly distribute light throughout your space. The Tulip makes the perfect bedside lamp for pleasant reading before bed!

2 – Petunias

Petunias are small and funnel-shaped flowers that grow in clusters and deliver impressive elegance when arranged in large quantities. If you like Petunias, you likely enjoy graceful and understated elegance in your home. You are impressed by small details that can transform something ordinary into extraordinary. Ornate and charming, the Smafan Petunia glass table lamp can transform any space into a vintage paradise. It features a fluted base with small intricate gold details and is paired with a scalloped-bell lampshade. Select from the green or blue finish for the ideal reading lamp for your space.

3 – Cherry Blossoms

If you love Cherry Blossoms, you like to sit and enjoy the precious moments that life has to offer, no matter how mundane. You believe less is more when accessorizing and lean primarily towards pastel colors. If this is the case, the Smafan Sakura glass table lamp is the lighting accessory for you. Available in a frosted grey finish, the base features a textured petal-like design that mirrors the fragility of cherry blossoms. Paired with a simple light grey lampshade, the Sakura delivers effortless charm and effective lighting, making it the perfect table lamp for bedrooms, living rooms, or offices.

4 – Jessamines

Jessamines are small and simple flowers that sprawl across fences and cascade down walls for a striking display. If Jessamines are your favorite flower, you likely see the bright side of things. While others may see the flowers on the fence as a nuisance to clean up, you admire their brightness and elegance. The Smafan Jasmine modern table lamp emits the same brightness and elegance as the flower, with its translucent glass base in an ombre finish, chrome metal accents, and bell-shaped lampshade. This table light delivers warm and effective lighting so you can enjoy a late-night read in your bedroom or an evening tea on your couch.

5 – Prairie Gentians

Praire Gentians are impressive flowers with elegantly curved petals in vibrant colors. If you love Prairie Gentians, you enjoy bold colors and unique designs. You don’t mind standing out in a crowd and you are always the life of the party. Just as bold and lively, the Smafan Lisianthus glass table lamp features a unique geometric base in a textured and bold blue finish, sleek gold metal accents, and a smooth lampshade for an eye-catching exterior. Use the Lisianthus as a nightstand lamp or a desk lamp for homely lighting and dashing décor in any space.

6 – Baby’s Breath

Pristine and beautiful, Baby’s Breath is a tiny flower that resembles miniature clouds with small petals in a pale pink or white color. If you love Baby’s Breath, you likely believe in rebirth, second chances, and everlasting love. You are probably the most innocent of your friend group and the hopeless romantic. Just as charming, the Smafan Baby Breath glass table lamp is designed with a textured glass base in a purple or blue finish, gold metal accents, and a coral lampshade to deliver graceful and effective lighting. Place the Baby Breath table light in your living room or bedroom to effectively light and adorn your space.

7 – Hyacinths

Although they are technically considered part of the plant family, the Hyacinth’s plants bloom with vibrant leaves that are just as elegant as any flower. If you like Hyacinths, you like to think outside the box and are not constrained by society’s standards. You are bold, one-of-a-kind, and unafraid of negative opinions. Just as unique as the plant, the Smafan Hyacinth modern table lamp features an unrivaled exterior with a translucent base that resembles the curvature of the natural plant in bold colors like pink, blue, and black. The Hyacinth is paired with a matching drum-shaped lampshade for a modern table light that will deliver enjoyable lighting in any space.

8 – Irises

Irises are light and airy flowers in bold colors that bloom in the late spring or summer. If you enjoy having Irises in your home, you are courageous and show your authentic self. You enjoy strong patterns and combining colors that may seem like odd pairs. Perfect for lovers of Irises, the Smafan Iris is a modern table lamp that combines the feel of natural stone with the warm colors of the Apricot and Peach Iris. This glass table lamp features an elegantly sculpted base and is paired with a satiny lampshade to light your living room, bedside, or desk like never before.

9 – Magnolias

Magnolia flowers date back to 95 million years ago and have the most charming petals that intricately overlap. If you like Magnolias, you appreciate classic and traditional beauty. You are probably the person who keeps the same hair and makeup routine for years because it delivers simple and radiant results. The Smafan Magnolia glass table lamp emits the same simplicity and radiance with its rippled sky blue base and simple ivory lampshade that come together to create a timeless exterior. Measuring just 28” in height, the Magnolia will make the perfect small table lamp for your nightstand or desk.

10 – Calla Lilies

Calla Lilies are large and elegant flowers with petals that curve into a flute-like shape. Versatile and elegant, Calla Lilies are typically used for formal events such as weddings. If you love Calla Lilies, you likely carry yourself with sophistication and refinement. Your home consists of neutral tones and simple accessories that will never go out of style. The Smafan Calla glass table lamp is the perfect accessory for lovers of Calla Lilies. It features a smoke-gray base with a sculped twist that mimics the curving of the natural flower and a light grey lampshade. Use this large table lamp for comfortable reading in your living room or bedroom.

Table lights are a great way to add brightness and style to any space in your home. While they may seem like a traditional lighting option, modern table lamps are designed with elegant bases, charming accents, and premium fabrics to perfectly complement the décor of your preference. Whether you base your selection on your favorite flower or your current interior décor, Smafan has the best selection of glass table lamps for you!

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