4 innovative spots for your smart fans

4 Innovative Spots for Your Smart Ceiling Fan

In light of the pandemic, our homes have been converted into schools, offices, gyms, and more. Some of us work from home, some exercise from home, and all try to relax at home. With so much additional time spent indoors, it is only fitting that we make it as comfortable as possible. Smart ceiling fans are a great tool to achieve a more comfortable home environment. If you’re like most people, you believe smart ceiling fans are designed for either the living room or bedroom. And while they do perform well in these spaces, several other spots around your home would also benefit from ultra-quiet airflow and bright lighting. We’ve compiled a list with 4 additional spaces throughout your home where you are sure to enjoy the convenience and comfort of a Smafan smart ceiling fan.

1 - Home Office

smart ceiling fan home office remote wifi control modern

Since March of 2020, many of us have had to make the big switch to working remotely. Some people love skipping the commute and coworker interaction. And others despise the blurred line between work and home. Unfortunately, for the safety of ourselves and others, we were left with no choice. This issue has led us to look for innovative ways to create comfortable work-from-home spaces. According to research, your physical comfort can affect how productive you are! This means that if your room is too hot, all your mind will be able to focus on is how hot you feel.

Perform at your peak with the charming, compact and powerful, Smafan Trendsetter Wi-Fi fan. Perfect for any home office, this modern ceiling fan features 3 aerodynamic blades, and a simple motor hub that will deliver comfortable cooling and versatile lighting. The Trendsetter is available in white, black, and light wood finishes to match your office furniture and accessories.

2 - Home Gym

smart ceiling fan home gym wifi control alexa

Membership gyms have also been greatly affected by pandemic restrictions. The last thing we want to be doing during a pandemic is using equipment hundreds of others have touched. Because of this, people have begun transforming spaces in their homes into personal gyms. The perfect finishing touch to your at-home gym is a smart ceiling fan. When you’re hot and sweaty in the middle of a cardio session, you can easily issue a voice-command to adjust the fan speed. Additionally, the modern ceiling fan’s convenient lighting will brighten up your home gym for a quick workout at any time, day or night!

The Barnet 44” flush mount ceiling fan is perfect for your home gym. Available in a bold black or crisp white finish, the Barnet features a modern and industrial exterior that will pair perfectly with your exercise equipment. This Wi-Fi fan also features convenient smart technology so you can schedule in the air and lighting conditions for the best workout!

3 - Kitchen

smart ceiling fan kitchen wifi control alexa phone

We all know what it’s like to be frying or sauteing something and having your kitchen fill with smoke. It’s uncomfortable, annoying, and sometimes the hood fan does little to help clear out your space. In cases like these, a kitchen smart ceiling fan is your best friend! You can easily turn on the fan to quickly clear out the smoke. Dirty hands? No problem! Make sure your Wi-Fi fan is linked to your Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri Shortcuts for hands-free access to your fan settings.

The Smafan Prescott 36” smart ceiling fan is the perfect size and style to add ventilation, lighting, and elegance to your kitchen. Featuring 3 pointed blades and a polished white metal case, the Prescott blends seamlessly with any kitchen design. Thanks to its modern LED light kit, you can dim the lighting and switch between Warm, Neutral, and Cool tones for an enjoyable cooking experience.

4 - Porch

smart ceiling fan porch wifi alexa control

There are bound to be days when the chaos from work and family becomes too much. For those frustrating moments, it’s always nice to have a porch space outside where you can drink some tea, read a book, or simply get some fresh air. A smart ceiling fan will help you create the most inviting porch environment for a cooling breeze on hot summer afternoons or comfortable reading light for summer evenings.

Modern, compact, and damp-rated, the Smafan Brooks 10-speed outdoor ceiling fan is one of the best smart ceiling fans for outdoor use. The Brooks porch fan combines uniquely shaped blades, bold black blade connectors and an elegant wood finish for a modern, sophisticated look. This flush mount ceiling fan also delivers the best air distribution, even in low-profile spaces.

Now that you’ve gone through this list, take some time to reflect on your home! How many times in the past week have you found yourself uncomfortable and distracted in your home office? What about in your home gym? It may be time to invest in a tool that will make your day-to-day pandemic life easier. When you’re ready to make a decision, make sure to check out Smafan’s modern ceiling fans! We have elegant designs, high-performing smart technology, and hassle-free returns to offer our customers optimal comfort and the best buying experience.

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