Sleep Well: How to Choose a Ceiling Fan For a Bedroom

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Did you know that your bedroom should be about 60 to 67 degrees Fahrenheit while sleeping? If you've ever slept in a hot room, you know how uncomfortable and difficult it can be.

One great way to keep your room at a good temperature is with a ceiling fan. Today, ceiling fans are more high-tech than ever. With easy controls and features, they're a great way to functionally furnish a bedroom.

Are you looking for one to upgrade your room? Keep reading our guide on how to choose a ceiling fan for your bedroom.

How to Choose A Ceiling Fan: Think Smart

A bedroom ceiling fan is a great way to regulate air in your room. It's capable of keeping you cool in the summer and, in the winter, it can keep the warm air moving around.

Traditional fans need switches and look a little outdated. Smart ceiling fans are a newer technology that can keep up to your speed. A stylish master bedroom ceiling fan is great for adding a unique look to your room.

Size Matters

In order for your ceiling fan to be effective, you need to choose the correct size for your room. But what size of ceiling fan is right for yours?

If your room is less than 150 square feet, you might consider a fan between 40" to 48". For a room that's 150-225 square feet, you should go with a fan no smaller than 50" to 58". A room that's 400 square feet or under can have many fans that work together.

Ceiling height can also affect the size of fan that you need. For example, a rule of thumb for high ceilings is to go with a fan that is one size larger than you would need typically.

Controls, Settings, and Features

Regular ceiling fans have limited features. You have to walk to the switch to turn on the fan or its lights.

Smart fans take this to the next level. Not only can you turn on and off the lights, but they're also dimmable. The customization is nice, but what's even better is that it can be controlled from your phone.

The same goes for the settings of the fan. Often, there are different settings to control speeds and energy consumption.

This means that you can always have the fan on optimal settings when sleeping or just relaxing. You can do it all from your bed!

Don't Go Out of Style

Design styles change all the time. You may remember ceiling fans in a grandparent's house that wouldn't fit into a bedroom today.

When choosing a ceiling fan, it's important to pick one that will last you a while with your current design. You'll want to pick one that fits the aesthetic of your room. Ready to Choose Your Next Smart Ceiling Fan?

Now that you know how to choose a ceiling fan, you should know about the best.

We offer some of the most high-tech fan solutions available on the market. If you're looking for a stylish and functional smart ceiling fan for your bedroom, check out our products to find the right one for you!

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