Smafan 2022 christmas gift guide

Smafan 2022 Christmas Gift Guide

As a smart and savvy shopper, you're always on the lookout for the best gift for your loved ones. This holiday season, consider giving the best christmas gift of convenience and comfort with a smart ceiling fan. Smafan has the best Christmas gift ideas to surprise anyone in your family, from classic fans for the traditional grandparents to Carro Smart ceiling fans for the tech-savvy in-laws!

Here are our favorite Christmas gift picks this year:

Bon Voyage with the Voyager

Help your loved one travel to their favorite vacation escape with the Smafan Voyager. Designed to strike the perfect balance of traditional and modern decor, the 52" Voyager Outdoor Wi-Fi Fan will grace any indoor family area or outdoor covered patio with a tropical breeze. The Voyager features a black motor housing finish, five sharp and aerodynamic blades, and a seamless light cover to add comfortable cooling and lighting without disrupting your decor. The Voyager also has convenient control options, including a handheld remote control, smartphone control when linked to the Carrohome App, and voice control when connected to Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri Shortcuts. Anyone can select from the 10-speed settings or dim the lighting to create the ideal environment for holiday fun!

Stay Ahead with the Trendsetter

For those who stay ahead of the latest trends, the Smafan Trendsetter Low-Profile Fan adds the right touch of modernity to any reduced space, even your bathroom or laundry room! The Trendsetter features three rounded blades, a sleek motor housing, and a simple LED light cover to complement modern and minimalist decors. On the inside, the Trendsetter is equipped with an advanced 10-speed DC motor that delivers whisper-quiet and high-velocity air circulation and a dimmable LED light kit for more than 50,000 hours of versatile lighting. Lovers of classic and refined decor can opt for the Trendsetter model with reversible wooden blades. If your loved one prefers minimalist designs, select the Trendsetter in a pristine white finish. At Smafan, there is a perfect option for everybody!

Eastern Vibes with the Essex

Give the gift of New England charm with the Smafan Essex Outdoor Alexa Ceiling Fan. The high-performance Essex adds an elegant twist to traditional design with five long graceful blades in a fine wood finish, a versatile downrod-mount, and bold black motor housing. Damp-rated and created with durable materials, the Essex is perfect for use in any covered outdoor space like your porch or veranda. Finally, the Essex is also compatible with Smart home devices for advanced control options and precise fan settings. Control your fan, even while away at work using the convenient IOS/Android Smart App or link it to Alexa to control it with voice commands while your hands are busy. You can also activate Smart scheduling and timer functions for complete Smart home automation; comfort has never been this effortless!

Paddle On with the Prescott

Help your loved ones enjoy the vibrance of maritime decor, whether or not they live close to the sea, with the Prescott Outdoor Flush Mount Fan! The Prescott is a white ceiling fan with light and remote that offers 10-speed settings, reversible airflow directions (for comfort in the Summer and Winter), three adjustable color temperatures, and dimmable LED lighting for the ideal ambiance for any activity. The Prescott also features a minimalist and contemporary exterior with three paddle fan blades, a seamless flush mount, and a beautiful white motor housing finish to blend into any home decor. For ultimate comfort, the Prescott offers three control methods, including voice commands, smartphone control, and a hand-held remote control.

Envision with the Visalia

Just because you are shopping for someone who likes luxury does not mean you have to overspend! The Smafan Visalia 52" Ceiling Fan with Globe Light is the epitome of luxury decor and modern home style with its three elegant and undulated blades, white globe light, and charming gold accent. The Visalia is also equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including a reversible DC motor, a dimmable LED light kit, and Smart technology for unrivaled air movement, lighting, and control. This modern white ceiling fan features a convenient downrod mount for a wobble-free performance on tall (anything greater than 8 feet) and slightly angled ceilings. The best part is your loved ones will be able to control their home environment without leaving the comfort of their seat, making this the perfect gift for elderly parents!

Superior Fans Mean Brighter Smiles

Explore our Carro Fan Holiday Sale today for up to 70% off, and find the ideal gift for anyone on your list with no standing in line and no stress. Whether they would like a contemporary black ceiling fan or a traditional polished wood ceiling fan, Smafan has the styles and technology to bring a bright smile to anyone's face this holiday season!

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