SMAFAN outdoor ceiling fan buying guide

Ultra Buying Guide: Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Are you thinking of revamping your outdoor space? An outdoor ceiling fan is a perfect way to revitalize your porch or patio without spending too much time or money! Equipped with the same smart features as indoor fans, wireless outdoor ceiling fans are designed with resistant materials to add style, brightness, and comfort to any outdoor space. Before you make your selection, there are six questions you must know the answer to, so you can avoid costly mistakes or replacements.

What Ceiling Fan Size Do I Need?

By now, you’re aware that ceiling fans come in different sizes. You’ve seen the measurement listed on the label or box, anywhere from 36 inches to 60 inches. But what do these numbers mean? How do you know which is the best fan size for outdoor patios?

The measurement in inches refers to the blade span diameter. You must choose the right blade span; otherwise, it can result in improper air distribution or your fan blades colliding with surfaces and furniture. To find the right ceiling fan size, you need to start by measuring the square footage of your porch or patio. Refer to our Choosing the Right Ceiling Fan Size blog for detailed instructions and a helpful comparison chart between ceiling fan size and room size.

Ceiling fan size recommendations

Do I Need Flush Mount or Downrod Ceiling Fan?

Next, determine whether your outdoor space requires a flush mount or a downrod mount ceiling fan. Two measurements will help you answer this question: the height and the slope of your outdoor ceiling.

Flush mount ceiling fans, while sleek and stylish, are most useful in low-profile spaces. A low-profile space is typically defined as anything measuring 8 feet and below. It’s also important to note that flush mount ceiling fans are not compatible with sloped ceilings.

If your ceiling is angled or measures more than 9 feet in height, you will have to use a downrod to mount your fan. A downrod ensures that your fan is at the proper distance from the ceiling for optimal air distribution and can be maneuvered to fit on slightly sloped ceilings. Make sure to verify the maximum slope measurement! Smafan’s downrod mount ceiling fans are compatible with a maximum angle of 28 degrees.

What Ceiling Fan Material Should I Choose?

Usually, ceiling fans are made using at least two distinct materials: one for the motor hub assembly and one for the blades. Because your ceiling fan will be operating outdoors, your selection must be built with materials that are both stable and resistant.

While shopping, head over to the product specifications section to find the fan and blade materials. Most ceiling fans are designed with a fortified metal motor assembly that will effectively shield the motor and lighting from direct exposure to the elements. When it comes to the blades, you have to pay special attention. ABS and polycarbonate blades tend to be the best suited for outdoor fans as they are ultra-light and durable.

Where Will I Place My Outdoor Ceiling Fan?

While outdoor ceiling fans are perfectly safe to install outdoors, you need to know the exact installation location to determine what kind of rating your fan requires: wet or damp.

A wet-rated fan is designed to handle more moisture, making it suitable for uncovered outdoor areas such as pergolas. Damp-rated outdoor ceiling fans can effectively withstand slight moisture, as long as they are shielded from direct contact with the elements. If you will be installing your fan on a covered patio or porch, a damp-rated fan will suffice.

How Energy-Efficient Should My Outdoor Fan Be?

Energy efficiency is a buying factor that is often overlooked but is still very important. Depending on the motor and light assembly, some outdoor fans will require more energy than others. To identify whether a fan is energy-efficient, pay attention to the Energy Guide information listed in the product details. The lower the estimated yearly energy cost, the more efficient the fan!

Pro-Tip: Look out for Energy-Star Rated fans! They are tested by the US Department of Energy to meet efficiency standards. Smafan offers the Energy-Star Rated Icebreaker Outdoor Fan that is equipped with a 10-speed DC motor, proven to be up to 75% more efficient than a traditional AC motor. The Icebreaker’s modern LED light kit also emits more lumens and hours while consuming less energy than traditional bulbs.

What Fan Style Will Match My Outdoor Décor?

You’re almost ready to select the perfect outdoor ceiling fan; the final factor is style! What kind of ambiance are you trying to create? Are you going for charming and magical or sleek and modern? Whatever your style, Smafan has the perfect outdoor fan for you! Here are some of our favorite outdoor décor trends:

Farmhouse Chic

Farmhouse style is known for its simple yet sweet aesthetic, created using vaulted ceilings, pine furniture, and barnboard finishes. Put a graceful spin on your quaint farmhouse décor with the Smafan Sawyer 48” Outdoor Smart Ceiling Fan. The Glacier complements the rustic charm of Farmhouse decor with its polished wood blades while adding an element of refinement with its unique black motor hub. There’s nothing rustic about this fan’s interior! Control the Glacier using the convenient remote control or link it to your smart devices for smartphone control and voice control.

Edgy Industrial

Cool, bold, and edgy, Industrial décor incorporates simple silhouettes, contrasting materials, and unfinished elements to form an unconventional aesthetic. Perfect for industrial outdoor spaces, the Smafan Innovator Outdoor Alexa Ceiling Fan is designed with three dark wood blades, a black metal body, and a simple light cover. Create an even more sophisticated environment by dimming the lights using the fully integrated LED light kit that offers a 50,000+ hour lifespan and adjustable light tones.

Charming Vintage

Vintage décor is notorious for creating a nostalgic ambiance by combining antique furnishings, ornate patterns, and polished wood elements. As charming and timeless as vintage décor, the Smafan Alexandria 52” Ceiling Fan with Remote and Light Kit is designed with elegant wood blades, ornate black metal blade connectors, and uniquely exposed bulbs. Switch up your vintage style anytime! Thanks to the reversible blades, you can select between dark and sultry or light and charming wood finishes.

Ready to Shop?

You now have all the information you need to select a fan that will look and feel great out on your porch or patio. Tap into the Smafan Advantage and explore our complete selection of outdoor ceiling fans. All purchases are backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and a Limited Warranty that covers troubleshooting and replacement parts. For a smarter way to cool, shop Smafan today!

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