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Ceiling Fan Quiz

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Choosing a ceiling fan is a big decision that will dictate your home's cooling and lighting for the next 5 to 10 years! We've compiled this short quiz to help you narrow down your options!

  1. Lighting or No Lighting?

Currently, ceiling fans are available with no lighting, with a bulb base for traditional bulbs, or with advanced LED light kits. Will a traditional bulb do the trick for you? Or would you enjoy the fine-tuned control over light color temperature and brightness that an LED light kit provides?


A: No Lighting/Bulb Lighting

B: LED Light Kit

  1. Outdoor or Indoor?

Some ceiling fans are built solely for indoor use while outdoor ceiling fans are damp-rated for safe installation and use in covered outdoor spaces. Are you planning on installing your ceiling fan in indoor spaces only, like bedrooms or living rooms? Or will you be installing it outdoors on your porch or patio?


A: Indoor Only

B: Outdoor and Indoor

  1. Regular or Energy Star Rated?

Energy Star ratings are awarded to products that have been tested and confirmed to work at a certain level of energy efficiency. Are you looking for an Energy Star-rated ceiling fan to reduce your home's energy consumption and light bills? Or will a regular ceiling fan meet your needs?


A: Regular

B: Energy Star Rated

  1. Winter & Summer Functionality?

Some ceiling fans are designed with reversible motors so that you can switch the direction of the airflow for maximum comfort in the winter or summer (clockwise for winter and counterclockwise for summer). Are you planning to use your ceiling fan in the summer and winter, or just in the summer?


A: Just for Summer

B: Winter and Summer

  1. Average CFM or High-Speed CFM?

CFM stands for Cubic Feet per Minute and refers to the velocity at which air flows. Standard rooms require an average CFM of 1,600 - 4,500, while larger rooms require a CFM of 2,300 - 6,500. Are you looking for super high air velocity to quickly cool wide spaces or will an average CFM suffice?


A: Average CFM

B: High-Speed CFM

  1. Classic Control or Smart Control?

Classic control options consist of the standard pull-chain and wall switch, while smart control options include remote control, voice control, and smart app control. Are you a fan of the classic control? Or, do you prefer the flexibility of smart control options and smart home automation?


A: Classic Control

B: Smart Control

  1. AC Motor or DC Motor?

AC motors are known to be stable and silent, while more advanced DC motors are ultra-quiet, run at unrivaled speeds, and work with increased energy efficiency. Are you looking for a more advanced DC motor or a standard AC motor?


A: AC Motor

B: DC Motor

  1. Traditional or Modern Color?

Polished wood fan blades have been the standard of ceiling fan design. As décor standards evolve, ceiling fans and blades are being created in more modern finishes and colors, from clear, to marble, to matte black. Are you looking for traditional ceiling fan colors or more modern color options?


A: Traditional Colors

B: Modern Colors


Mostly As – Fan of the Classics

If it isn't broken, why fix it? You prefer simple designs and functionality over complex features; you're not impressed by fans with high CFMs. You prefer the classic look of polished wood, incandescent bulbs, and elegant blades, which will fit in well with your traditional indoor décor. You don't like worrying about all the high-tech stuff when classic wall control is just as effective. The best ceiling fan for you is the:

SMAFAN Alexa Fan

The Alexandria features elegant brown wood blades, a rubbed-bronze motor hub, and a charming glass lampshade, for a traditional and timeless aesthetic. Equipped with a silent and stable AC motor, the Alexandria allows you to adjust between 3 speeds and reverse the airflow direction using classic wall control.

If you are curious about smart control, the Alexandria's wall switch is also compatible with smart devices, so you could access voice and smart control from time to time. Finally, the Alexandria features a classic bulb base, so you can choose the lightbulb of your preference for comfortable lighting your way.

Mostly Bs – Fan of the Futuristic

The future is now! You're ahead of the curve and want to experience all the ease that smart devices have to offer. You like sleek and modern exteriors, paired with advanced smart features to impress anyone who enters your home. The more control the better! You want multiple ways to fine-tune your home environment and compatibility with your existing smart home devices. The fan for you is the:

SMAFAN 52" indoor ceiling fan

The Icebreaker in silver features aerodynamic blades in a clear acrylic finish and a silver metal exterior, perfect for modern and futuristic décor. Equipped with a 10-speed DC motor and a modern LED light kit, the Icebreaker delivers an unrivaled 7000 CFM, adjustable speeds, reversible airflow, fully dimmable lighting from 100% to 1%, and adjustable light color temperatures including Warm, Neutral, and Cool.

Control the Icebreaker using the convenient remote control, voice control (when linked to Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri Shortcuts), and smartphone control (when linked to the Carro Home App). The Icebreaker is also Energy Star Rated! It has been thoroughly tested and determined to be 75% more energy efficient than a traditional ceiling fan.

Combination of As & Bs – Adventurous but Cautious

You're cautiously optimistic when it comes to technology. You like the idea of adding convenience to your home with a modern ceiling fan, but you don't trust smart fans as much as you trust traditional fans. You prioritize reliable performance and comfortable airflow and are not necessarily concerned with impressing others. In terms of design, you're looking for traditional, yet refined; something that will blend in easily with transitional décor. The perfect ceiling fan for you is the:

SMAFAN indoor ceiling fan

The Konfor strikes the perfect balance between advanced motor and lighting technology, contemporary design, and simple control. Designed with 3 sleek blades, and a simple exterior, it is the perfect ceiling fan for people who want to curate a modern aesthetic without the complexities.

The Konfor is equipped with an advanced 10-speed DC motor that allows you to alternate between summer and winter modes, adjust the speeds, and save energy. Its versatile LED light kit has a lifespan of 50,000+ hours, so you can customize your lighting for years to come. Control the Konfor with the user-friendly remote control provided, no need to connect it to your Wi-Fi or Bluetooth devices!

From the conventional laggards to the daring innovators, Smafan has a fan for every kind of homeowner. Visit SMAFAN Smart Ceiling Fan Collection to explore our complete collection of premium ceiling fans today!

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Sherry Gandy
Sherry Gandy

I need the brightest light 5 blade ceiling fan for the kitchen table what’s your preference?
Prefer a 52 inch

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