Ideal to optimize airflow in spaces with high-profile ceilings. Used for convenient mounting on even surfaces and slightly sloped surfaces of 28 degrees or less. Available in a variety of smooth finishes to blend seamlessly into your ceiling fan.
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The smart ceiling fan works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri Shortcuts, and Carro Home App, which help you easily adjust the fan speed, light on/off/dim, reverse fan direction and set a timer&schedule, control your wifi ceiling fan with a simple voice command like: "Hey Alexa, turn on my bedroom ceiling fan".

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1.Disconnect the power for 10 minutes, reconnect the power and pair the remote with the fan immediately, within 5 seconds. Also try pairing the correct APP "Carro Home" to reconnect.

2.The WiFi must be 2.4Ghz, after connection, either wifi 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz works.

The AC motor fans have 5 wires required for installation, DC motor fans only require 3 wires for installation.

AC motor fans require neutral wires and separate load wires for Fan & Light, please confirm that the wiring in your home is compatible before purchasing.

Smafan CARRO Ceiling Fan Extended Downrod

Ceiling Fan Downrod 

A downrod is a ceiling fan extension rod made of metal that connects the fan's motor hub to the mounting hardware. An extension rod helps to reduce wobbling of ceiling fan, and create the proper distance between high ceilings and the floor. To know if you will require an extension downrod, you must inspect the location where you will install your fan. If you have a slanted ceiling, or the distance between your ceiling and the floor is greater than 8 feet, you will require an extension downrod.

Downrods to Match Different Ceiling Height

You cannot use just any downrod size, and selecting the properly-sized downrod for your fan and ceiling height is crucial! If you do not leave enough space between the fan blades and the ceiling, your fan will not deliver the maximum airflow volume it can offer. Similarly, if your ceiling fan is too far from the floor, the airflow will not be able to reach you down below. 

Find the perfect downrod size for your ceiling height using the helpful tips found in our Ceiling Fan Size Guide! Smafan offers extension rods ranging from 14" to 46", so you'll find one to suit your home's needs! 

Downrod to Match Your Home Decor

Smafan offers a wide selection of downrod sizes and finishes to match your ceiling fan and home decor styles, including Modern, Nautical, Farmhouse, and more. You can choose from the black, bronze, silver, and white finish extension downrods for a ceiling fan that looks as great as it feels.

Downrod Replacement for AC or DC Motor Ceiling Fans

Whether you have a traditional AC fan or a Smart DC fan, Smafan offers premium downrods exclusively for Carro fans, so you can experience the most efficient, secure, and wobble-free performance possible. To see if your fan is compatible with an extension rod, please read the product details.