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7 People We Need to Thank This Labor Day

American workers are the energy and spirit that keep our country moving forward. This Labor Day, we want to recognize those workers that sacrifice their time and often their safety, so that the rest of us can have safe and comfortable lives. Here are seven people we should express our gratitude to. If you know any of them, you can let them know how much they mean to us and how much we appreciate them by using our suggestions!

1. Realtors

Realtors are there to guide us during one of the most crucial moments in our lives: finding our forever homes. Detail-oriented and dedicated to their clients, realtors have all the answers to your finance questions and are the first line of defense when something goes wrong with your place.

Prioritize their comfort after long and arduous work days with the top-selling Smafan Striker. Sleek and sophisticated,it is designed with a silver metal exterior, lightwood finish blades, and a premium glass light cover that will add elegance to any home or workspace.

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2. Housekeeping Staff

Housekeeping staff has always been the unsung heroes of the household service industry. In light of the pandemic, their work has become more dangerous and vital than ever before. Meticulous, driven, and knowledgeable, housekeepers always know the perfect materials and methods to use to keep our homes neat and sanitary.

After long and tiring work days, the perfect gift for a housekeeper is a cool and comfortable home environment. With the Smafan Innovator model, they can provide an ultra-quiet and powerful airflow home environment to have a relaxation time.

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3. Restaurant Servers

Restaurant service workers are the backbone of the restaurant industry. Without them, chefs and restaurant owners would have a challenging time curating a dining experience that complements the tastiness of their food. Patient, friendly, and attentive, restaurant servers are there to ensure that your dinner night out is relaxing and hassle-free.

Return the favor of a relaxing and hassle-free time with the Alexandria outdoor fan. The Alexandria is equipped with a silent and reliable AC motor, so they can enjoy a cool and quiet time after a loud and busy day. No need to use antiquated pull-chains! The Alexandria’s smart wall switch links to smart devices, so tired restaurant workers can conveniently control the fan without having to get up, using their smartphones.

SMAFAN Alexandria ceiling fan with lights


4. Small Business Owners

More than just delivering a product or service, small business owners add diversity to our business landscape and supply essential support to the American economy. Creative and resilient, they find innovative ways to adapt to political, social, and economic changes so that people can continue having access to their products or services.

The Smafan Addison Fan is made to complement the resilience and creativity of small business owners with durable and elegant plywood blades and charming gold accents. The Addison is equipped with a modern LED light kit that allows them to alternate light tones, dim the brightness, and create the ideal lighting for focused work sessions.

Addison modern fan


5. Firefighters

Selfless, courageous, and strong, firefighters are trained to rescue us from dangerous situations such as building fires or car accidents. Known to enter crumbling structures or get near flaming machinery, they will stop at nothing to save the lives of people they hardly know. When they’re not on call, firefighters dedicate their time to intensive physical training to develop agility and speed.

The Arlo Flush Mount Fan embodies the same agility and speed with a 10-speed DC motor and ultra-light plywood blades. The Arlo is also perfect for a busy firefighter’s schedule, thanks to its smart scheduling and timer features that help automate the cooling and lighting in any home.

SMAFAN Arlo black ceiling fan

6. Police Officers

Trained to serve and protect, police officers have the challenging task of ensuring the safety of the neighborhood and their family. They work long and irregular days, often sacrificing time with their own families. Police officers must also be prepared to deal with all types of circumstances, from minor traffic infractions to armed and dangerous altercations.

The Explorer Smart Ceiling Fan with LED Light Kit is just as versatile as police officers, adapting to any environment for optimal comfort. The Explorer allows you to adjust the fan speed, change the light color temperature, and dim the lighting from 100% to 1%, to configure the perfect cooling and lighting for any activity.

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7. Lifeguards

Who doesn’t love heading to the pool on a sweltering summer afternoon? It wouldn’t be the same without our favorite lifeguard. Lifeguards are brave, quick, and decisive because they know our lives depend on them.

They never take this responsibility lightly and are always there to remind us to slow down, avoid diving into the shallow end, and ensure a safe swimming environment for everyone. Just as reliable and fast-moving, the Glacier Fan. The Glacier is damp-rated, perfect for a lifeguard to install in their own covered patio space to do some outdoor activities!


SMAFAN Glacier fan

Without the dedication and sacrifice of American workers, our lives would be a lot more complicated, and at Smafan, we see you and we appreciate you! This Labor Day, we’d like to give a heartfelt thanks to all the workers who show up daily for the American people with 20% off our bestsellers linked above.

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