Smafan Carro Ceiling Fan Parts & Accessories

Ceiling Fan Parts & Replacement

Staying on top of your ceiling fan maintenance is a crucial part of preserving your Carro fan for years to come. Each ceiling fan component impacts your fan's overall fit and performance and can change the look and comfort of your experience. Please visit Smafan blog for more information on how to maintain your smart ceiling fan. Lucky for you, Smafan has all the Smart ceiling fan accessories you need, including light kits, fan blades, light covers, extended fan downrods, hand-held remote controls, Smart wall switches, and more, to help you create the version of your ceiling fan that will best meet your needs! 

Smart Wall Switches

Switch over to Smart control options using a convenient and universal Smafan smart wall switch! Our wall switch features classic push-buttons, mounts directly to your wall, links to most traditional AC ceiling fans, and is compatible with your existing Smart home devices, including your smartphone, Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri Shortcuts. Adjust your fan settings from anywhere and anytime using the Smart App or by issuing simple voice commands.

Handheld Remote Controls

Have you lost your remote control? No worries; it happens to the best of us! Smafan offers smart fan handheld remote controls that easily pair with your existing Carro Smart fans for hassle-free replacement. Our remote controls come with a convenient wall mount and easy-to-use buttons so you can adjust your fan speed, light color/brightness, and forward/reverse function without leaving the comfort of your seat.

Extended Downrods

At Smafan, we know every home is different in size and layout; sometimes, this may make finding the perfect-sized fan difficult. To address this, Smafan offers a wide selection of Carro downrod sizes, ranging from 14 - 46 inches, for the ideal fit in any large or small space. Our downwards will facilitate the installation process on high or slanted ceilings while improving the air distribution for optimal comfort. Select from several finishes, like black, white, silver, and gold, to match your ceiling fan perfectly.

Light Covers

Experience comfortable lighting while protecting your lit kit assembly using our premium Smafan replacement light covers. Our light covers are made with durable yet light materials, perfect for concealing all internal hardware and giving your Carro fan a seamless complete look. All our premium light covers are available in simple white finishes for functionality and style in any aesthetic.  

Fan Blades

Having properly functioning fan blades can impact the balance, speed, and sound with which your Carro ceiling fan performs! Shop our replacement fan blades, created with ultra-light and resistant materials to reduce air drag and withstand your home environment. Select from versatile finishes, including pristine white, polished dark wood, and matte black for the perfect complement to your decor.

LED Light Kits

Enjoy advanced lighting control like never before with our Smafan LED light kits that offer multiple light color temperatures, fully dimmable settings, and increased energy efficiency. Create a bright and welcoming ambiance for the perfect party or a calm and relaxing environment for the coziest night in with the touch of a button. Thanks to their advanced LED technology, our light kits will deliver versatile and comfortable lighting for more than 50,000 hours!