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Smafan Carro New Arrival Smart Ceiling Fan

What Does Ceiling Fan Do?

The primary goal of a ceiling fan is to provide us with comfort. Although it does not actually lower the air temperature, we experience a feeling of coolness due to the fan's ability to move air around us. This is known as evaporative cooling.

Evaporative cooling is similar to the wind chill effect. When it is cold outside and there is a breeze, we feel even colder. The same principle applies when a ceiling fan is operating on a hot day; the moving air provides a breeze-like sensation that cools us down.

Add Cooling, Style & Brightness to Your Home

Not only do ceiling fans deliver comfortable air, but they also offer elegant lighting options for any activity! Smafan's newest ceiling fans with light fixtures add the right touch of style, comfort, and brightness to bring out the best in your home decor. Many of ceiling fan on the market feature traditional bulb bases for standard lighting. However, in Smafan Smart Fan & Lighting Outlet you can explore our Carro ceiling fans with LED light kits that let you adjust the color temperature and brightness for the ideal ambiance, from relaxing to fun. Brose Smart Fans Must Have Functions for more informations. 

Choosing the Right Fan Mounting Type for Your Living Space

Whether you have a low-profile or high-profile ceiling in your home, Smafan has the latest versatile mounting options that allow you to install your ceiling fan easily and effectively on almost any surface. For low-profile ceilings that are flat and even, check out our hugger Carro ceiling fans, designed to mount flush to the ceiling and help you make the most of your reduced space. If you have slightly sloped and high ceilings, you will likely require a Carro downrod ceiling fan; our downrods are available in a wide range of sizes and finishes for the perfect fit at any ceiling height.   

Indoor & Outdoor Comfort

Indoor Carro fans are available in sizes from 36" to 60" to fit perfectly in any room dimension! For a compact home office, select a 36" to 42" indoor ceiling fan, small yet mighty. To quickly cool a large and open living room, choose a large and in-charge 52 to 60-inch fan. 

Several of our new Carro ceiling fans double as outdoor fans so you can experience ultimate indoor and outdoor comfort. Our outdoor fans are damp-rated and built with premium materials to withstand your covered outdoor areas, including your porch, patio, veranda, gazebo, and more! In addition to powerful cooling and elegant lighting, our outdoor fans' airflow provides a barrier against smoke and bugs for the most enjoyable summer barbecues. 

Summer & Winter Use 

If you did not know, Smafan ceiling fans are a helpful tool year-round! Our fans feature reversible motors, allowing you to switch the fan direction in the summer and winter. In the summertime, verify your fan is spinning in a counter-clockwise direction and pushing cooling air downwards. In the winter, switch the direction of your fan clockwise to lift the cool air and blend it with the warm air that collects near your home's ceiling. And remember, if you are not feeling the airflow, your fan may not be spinning in the right direction; always double-check it is in the proper setting for the season and adjust airflow as needed.