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2023 Best Ceiling Fans with Bright Lights

By Isaac SF

The modern home is all about multifunctionality; one of the best examples is ceiling fans with lights. Not only do they provide much-needed air circulation, but they also offer superior...

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Outdoor ceiling fan for cover patio inspiration
Ceiling Fan Tips Inspiration Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Trending Outdoor Patio Fans & Decors For The Perfect Summer

Tropical Resort Enchanted Garden Farmhouse Yard Kanso Garden Modern Patio Summer is just around the corner, and it's time to start thinking about how you...

why you need ceiling fan for your kids' room
Ceiling Fan Tips

6 Reasons Why You Need a Smart Ceiling Fan for Your Kid’s Room

#1 - You're in Control #2 - Better Quality Sleep #3 - Better Focus #4 - Improve Self-Regulation #5 - Save Money #6 - Timeless Designs Stylish...

can ceiling fan make newborn sick
Buying Guide Ceiling Fan Tips

Can Ceiling Fans Make Newborn Sick?

Benefits for Infants #1 Lower the Risk of SIDS #2 Reduce the Risk of Infant Eczema #3 Help Falling Asleep Things to Consider #1 Professional...

4 innovative spots for your smart fans
Ceiling Fan Tips Inspiration

4 Innovative Spots for Your Smart Ceiling Fan

1 - Home Office 2 - Home Gym 3 - Kitchen 4 - Porch In light of the pandemic, our homes have been converted into...

ceiling fan spain in winter
Ceiling Fan Tips Energy Efficiency

Why and How You Should Run Your Smart Ceiling Fan in Winter

Are you looking for a cost-effective way to warm your home in winter?  

How Do I Select the Best Smart Fans for My Home?
Buying Guide Ceiling Fan Tips

How Do I Select the Best Smart Fans for My Home?

Review this simple guide before choosing a ceiling fan so you can feel confident you’ve selected the best one for your needs.

how much a smart ceiling fan with light save your energy bill
Ceiling Fan Tips Energy Efficiency

How Much Can a Smart Ceiling Fan Save You On Energy Bills?

But what can a smart fan do for you? Can it really save you money, or is it all tech hype that those darn millennials jump...

smart ceiling fan save energy
Ceiling Fan Tips Energy Efficiency Smart Fans

Save Some Dough (and the Environment) with Smart Fans

Enter smart fans. Today, ceiling fan designers are creating new models featuring cutting edge technologies to make climate control simple, effective, and affordable.

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